Exclusive — Brittany Hughes: CCDH and Democrats Trying to Censor Pregnancy Center Websites

The Center for Countering Digital Hate (CCDH) is coordinating with Democrats to censor and restrict online access to pregnancy information resources, Brittany Hughes, managing director of MRCTV at the Media Research Center, said on Wednesday’s edition of SiriusXM’s Breitbart News DailyAlex Marlow, the host

The CCDH is a non-profit organization that combats human trafficking. “online hate and misinformation.”The self-description of the product includes a claim that “Bad actors, advocating diverse causes – from misogyny and racism to denial of science and conspiracy theories – have mastered using these [digital] platforms to cause considerable real-world harm.”

Hughes claimed that the CCDH uses the pretext for combating “misinformation”To pressure left-leaning politicians to pass legislation that regulates technology. She said that such legislation would force technology companies, like Google, to hide search results regarding information about pregnancy.

The CCDH manages their operation “in the name of countering misinformation,”Hughes declared.

Elle added: “They’re going after pregnancy clinics which they have dubbed ‘fake clinics.’ These are, of course, clinics that are not only offering resources to pregnant women, but also offer medical services and everything from ultrasounds to baby formula for women that choose to carry their pregnancy to term.”

“Pregnancy clinics have faced these allegations for a long time,”Elle continued to say, “that they are fake clinics that don’t actually help women, [and that] they just want to try to keep women from having abortions.”

Hughes noted that pregnancy clinics provide a variety of services, and refers to specialists and medical professionals to patients. However, Hughes warned that the CCDH is trying to limit online access to these resources.

Sie said: “I served on the board of directors of a pregnancy clinic. Not only do these clinics offer actual choices for women, they offer medical services for women. They do offer ultrasounds. They do offer medical assistance and referrals if a woman needs care beyond what they can provide.”

“These censorship groups want to stop information and stop people from being able to access information that they don’t like,”Sie stated. “How pro-choice can you be when you are essentially removing choice from women and removing information?”

She was curious. “How pro-choice can you be when you are limiting a woman’s ability to find information that doesn’t go along with your narrative, that you’re limiting a woman’s access to pregnancy resource vendors where they can learn about health that is available if they choose to carry their baby to term? That’s what these pregnancy resource centers [and] pregnancy clinics are providing.”

It is “very scary”Legislators are “now urging places like Google to suppress search results”Hughes provided information about pregnancy and said that left-wing Democrats were collaborating with the CCDH in legislation.

The CCDH “actually gotten lawmakers on their side, who are calling in Congress for places like Google to suppress conservative media outlets,”This was noted by her. “This is now filtering into the halls of Congress, where left-leaning politicians are picking up this mantle and telling Google to suppress conservative outlets, suppress ads for pregnancy resource centers, and we are seeing an all-out assault on conservative voices.”

Her conclusion: “This group wants women not to be able to find that information at all.”According to her, the CCDH aims at funneling women to Planned Parenthood. “where they’re going to be pushed towards the abortion and not given a choice.”

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