Michele Tafoya Claims Dan Le Batard Calls Her “Racist” for Her Political Beliefs

Michele Tafoya is a political consultant who used to be a sports journalist and has now blasted Dan Le Batard as a sports radio host. “ambushing”She spoke out about her differences in political views during a recent interview.

Tafoya stated that Le Batard reached out to her asking if she wanted to appear on his podcast. They discussed her current projects and her career in sports. But instead, most of the interview focused on Tafoya’s conservative politics.

“I was invited onto a podcast recently and I was invited with this ‘We wanna talk about your great career and your new podcast. Is it okay if we talk to you for about 30 or 40 minutes?’”Outkick reports that Tafoya spoke to Fox News host Greg Gutfeld.

“It was someone I knew from my past. So I said, okay. Yeah, the second I got on, BAM, was ambushed with ‘You’re anti-CRT, You’re a racist. You cannot read the Florida law without it being a homophobe — I mean, I was absolutely ambushed,”Elle added.

Thursday’s podcast most certainly got heated:

HOUR 2 | Michele Tafoya Joins the Show | 06/15/2022

In one case, for instance, Tafoya defended Florida’s Parental Rights in Education law.

“I’ve read what you refer to as the ‘Don’t Say Gay’ bill and nowhere in that bill does it say ‘Don’t Say Gay.’ I think we’re mislabeling that bill,”Tafoya spoke to Le Batard & his crew.

“Not everything has to be taught in school and a lot of this stuff can be taught at home. And if parents decide and vote in people that want to represent their notion that, ‘You know, I’d like to do this my way at home because we have our own social values,’”She said.

Le Batard attempted to pretend that he was politically centrist. But, if he truly thinks so, he’s only fooling himself. He repeated the statement during interview, when he insists. “I think I’m in the middle.”

Tafoya was not in agreement, however, he stated, “Well that’s — then I wouldn’t say that you are on the far Left. And I wouldn’t — I don’t know who sees me on the far Right. I mean, I’m a pro-choice libertarian. I don’t know how that makes me far Right.”

“All I am is a fiscal conservative who really wants America to come together and for people to be able to realize their potentials and not be told that they’re oppressed or that they are an oppressor,”She explained.

“That kind of boils it down for me. I’d like to see some law and order, so people don’t get hurt,”Elle added.

Tafoya, no surprise, has been the target of attacks by media before. She was attacked by the media just a few months back for her Critical Race Theory position.

Although they say that they are, “in the middle,”Le Batard is a solid leftist. Just last year, for instance, he was lit up for laughing that an NBA player who wouldn’t take a knee during the national anthem blew out his knee during a game.

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