Woke St Patrick’s: Prez Shoehorns Local weather, Xenophobia into Nationwide Day

Eire’s President has used his St Patrick’s Day handle to sentence the expansion of what he known as “poisonous xenophobia” worldwide.

Michael D. Higgins, the President of Eire, has stated attacked the expansion of what he identifies as racism and “poisonous xenophobia” in his annual St Patrick’s Day handle.

Higgins, who has beforehand described attending anti-open borders protests as “unforgivable“, additionally in contrast the Irish patron saint to modern-day migrants as a result of truth he was initially kidnapped and delivered to the island from Britain as a slave.

Addressing Eire’s native Irish inhabitants, in addition to those that are “Irish by choice”, the President argued that Patrick’s alleged migrant standing was proof of the advantages that overseas arrivals deliver to the nation, and that the saint serves as a “counterpoint” to those that would problem the progressive multicultural view.

“There are many powerful echoes from Patrick’s life that resonate with our contemporary circumstances, ones that have brought new forms of slavery into being, where racism is increasing rather than decreasing, in so many parts of a world, where a poisonous xenophobia, new and recalled, has taken hold in so many places,” he stated.

“The story of Patrick’s transformation that would lead to his becoming an emblem of the country he adopted as his own, stands in counterpoint and is so important,” he continued.

The Irish President went on to make use of his handle to push his environmentalist inexperienced agenda, tying the story of St Patrick — with out clear justification — to local weather activism.

“Saint Patrick’s message was at its core one of respect for nature, for its spirituality reflected in its seasonal renewal,” Higgins stated, with out quotation.

“Our planet is scarred by the consequences of human actions, actions often sourced in greed, actions that have had a direct bearing on our changing climate, constituting, as it does now, one of the greatest challenges of our time, reflected in extreme weather events, widespread displacement and forced migration across our world, and the loss of fertile land,” he added. “It is such a tragic injustice that those nations suffering the greatest human and economic impact of climate change are those who were least responsible for the emissions that threaten their very existence.”

The Irish President’s use of St Patrick’s day to push progressive beliefs isn’t a surprise contemplating how keen most of the nation’s elites are to make use of the vacation to advocate for the numerous tenets of left-wing ideology.

This yr’s celebrations have been punctuated with requires “diversity” and “inclusivity”, with the federal government rolling out a number of drag queens to advertise the yearly competition inside the nation.

Such a weaponisation of the vacation can be consistent with Higgins’ personal modus operandi, with the previous Labour-left minister utilizing his time within the largely ceremonial place to push many fashionable sensibilities on the likes of gender and immigration.

For instance, amid a latest row sparked by the federal government wanting to show transgenderism to major college college students, Higgins butted in to say that faculties needs to be pressured to show about sexuality to the “fullest sense“, and that any that refuses needs to be punished by the state.

Higgins has additionally waded into free speech debates internationally, repeatedly denouncing tech-billionaire Elon Musk for his takeover of Twitter as a “type of dictatorship“, in addition to “unbelievable and harmful narcissism“.

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