The Majority Don’t Agree With How Biden Handled China Spy Balloon

According to a survey, the majority of probable general election voters think that Biden handled the Chinese spy ball that crossed the US last week in a way that was not right or timely.

After 1086 participants were asked to their opinions in a Trafalgar Group poll about how the Biden administration dealt with the Chinese spy balloon which traveled across the continent, 63.4 per cent said that “the crisis was mishandled”Oder that “crisis should have been dealt with sooner.” Only 36.6 percent said the Biden administration “appropriately”How to handle the crisis

Furthermore, 58.8 percent of respondents said “yes,”They are convinced “President [Joe] Biden should have taken quicker action to shoot down the Chinese spy balloon before it even entered U.S. sovereign airspace.”Comparatively, 31.4 per cent said so “no,”98% said that they were “not sure.”

American civilians first discovered the spy balloon floating over their homes on Thursday. Last week, an official from the defense department said that they had received word of the spy balloon’s existence. “We are confident that this high-altitude surveillance balloon belongs to the [People’s Republic of China].”

Then, after days of floating around the continental United States, the military shot down the suspected Chinese spy balloon on Saturday morning while it was over the Atlantic Ocean off the Carolina coast.

South Carolina residents caught video footage of the spy balloon being shot out of the sky on Saturday by the United States military:

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The poll found that a majority (59.2 percent) also feel that Biden’s handling of the Chinese spy balloon made “America look weak”The world stage

However, 24.2 per cent believe otherwise “it had no impact” on the perceptions of America on the world stage, while 10.1 percent said “it made America look strong,”And 6.5% said that they were “not sure.”

The Trafalgar Group poll was conducted on February 6 and 7 with 1,086 likely general election voters in the United States. A 2.9 percent margin for error was found, as well as a confidence level of 95 percent.

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