Tennessee governor Bill Lee proposes $100 million grant program for pregnancies centers

Tennessee Republican governor. ABC News reports that Bill Lee suggested creating a grant program of $100 million for pro-life centers in crisis.

Lee revealed the plan Monday. He stated that Tennessee had a “moral obligation”To support families. Tennessee will approve the plan. “would become one of the top spending states” on organizations that help pregnant women in need of resources to keep their babies rather than choose abortion, according to the report.

“Pro-life is much more than defending the lives of the unborn,”Lee spoke over the protesters’ screams. “This is not a matter of politics. This is about human dignity.”

Lee also proposed a grant fund of $100 million for crisis centers in pregnancy. “expanding paid parental leave for state employees and widening the Medicaid eligibility for pregnant women and parents,”The report states that. Lee’s administration also plans to ask the federal government to cover the cost of diapers for Medicaid recipients for two years.

“If approved, Tennessee will be the first Medicaid program in the nation to implement this kind of support. That’s pro-life. That’s pro-family,”Lee stated.

Lee is also on the advisory board of a state crisis pregnancy center. He made the announcement in his annual State of the State speech in front of the Republican-led legislature. Lee said his other priorities include teacher pay raises, boosting the state’s transportation system, and cleaning up toxic waste at industrial sites.

Lee addressed protesters in his speech and stated that “civility is not a weakness,”ABC News reports that a “nod to his inauguration speech where he criticized those ‘who thrive on toxic incivility and divisiveness.”‘

“We can have a healthy debate about the policy specifics, but we can also agree that America is rooted in a commitment to human dignity,”Lee stated this later. “There was a significant shift in this country last year when it comes to protecting the lives of the unborn. We now all have an opportunity and a moral obligation to support strong Tennessee families.”

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