SCHWEIZER FLAMES FEDS! Contained in the Schweizer-Peter Strzok Throwdown

Peter Schweizer doesn’t tweet a lot, however when the disgraced, deep-state ex-FBI agent Peter Strzok went after him on Twitter, Peter delivered a haymaker.

Like good residents, the Authorities Accountability Institute (GAI) responded in 2015 and 2018 when contacted by FBI subject brokers, who had been trying first into the unreported donations by overseas actors and governments to the Invoice and Hillary Clinton Basis and on the Hunter Biden case. GAI gave the requesting brokers copies of the identical materials that they had used within the e book Clinton Money. Three years later, after Secret Empires blew the whistle on Hunter Biden’s actions, FBI brokers once more contacted GAI for copies of paperwork it had obtained and used within the e book.

However Strzok, who is known for peddling the utterly false Steele File as a pretext for Operation Crossfire Hurricane, for having an extramarital affair along with his FBI colleague Lisa Web page, and for snarling his manner by way of congressional testimony like an indignant chihuahua, tried to say the excessive floor and failed. He bravely blocked Peter on Twitter.

The long-awaited Durham Report confirmed large-scale misconduct by Strzok and lots of others throughout the FBI. A lot of the report’s findings had been already recognized, nevertheless it lays naked the duplicity of individuals like Strzok, fired FBI Director James Comey, his deputy Andrew McCabe, and others. The FBI was politically compromised.

Nobody knew that higher, or extra totally than GAI analysis director Seamus Bruner, whose 2018 e book Compromised might have been the Durham report. Seamus joined Peter and co-host Eric Eggers on The Drill Down podcast to speak about what went incorrect on the FBI, whether or not it’s any higher now, and if it is going to occur once more.

So, what does Seamus take into consideration the Durham Report?

“What frustrates me and everybody else is that there’s no real accountability. [Former FBI attorney] Kevin Clinesmith was changing FISA warrants and lying to a FISA court. How many people have even heard about that?”

Clinesmith was given probation after being convicted.

Seamus provides, “They say you can indict a ham sandwich, but apparently none of the ham sandwiches work at the FBI.”

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