Republican Rep. Green: Firing the Person Who Advised Biden Not to Shoot Down Balloon is ‘Step One for Future Competition with China’

On Monday’s broadcast of the Fox News Channel’s “Ingraham Angle,”Rep. Mark Green, R-TN, Chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee stated that “step one to future competing with China” is to fire whoever in the military advised President Joe Biden not to shoot down China’s spy balloon until after it had crossed the continental United States and stated that the House Armed Services Committee will look into who gave the President this advice.

Green stated, “This was an invasion of United States sovereign territory, our space, by a Chinese spy balloon. The general officers who advised that that thing not be shot down should be fired. That’s step one to future competing with China, fire whoever advised him not to shoot it down.”

He said, “I know for a fact the House Foreign Affairs Committee is planning on the withdrawal [from Afghanistan], they’re going to dig into that and we’re going to dig into who made the — House Armed Services will dig into who made this decision, they have to find out.”

Green also stated that they are “a ton of things to change over there, no doubt about it, but number one, we’ve got to find out who made these bad decisions.”

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