MSNBC’s Psaki: FNC’s Tucker Carlson Treats His Viewers ‘Like They’re Silly’

Former White Home press secretary and MSNBC host Jen Psaki mentioned Monday on CBS’s “The Late Show” that Fox Information host Tucker Carlson treats his viewers “like they are stupid.”

Colbert mentioned, “Let’s talk about the people who clearly had a cozy relationship with power, and that’s Fox News.”

Psaki mentioned, “I heard there are some developments.”

Colbert mentioned, “We are learning more about what is going on behind the scenes there. It’s not surprising, but it is unsettling to hear about.”

Psaki mentioned, “It’s a little bit more than unsettling, wouldn’t you say? I’ve watched you — I know you’re more than unsettled.”

She continued, “It wasn’t a shock to me that they were sharing inaccurate information: “I mean, we know that with our own eyes.”

Psaki added, “I had about 20 seconds where I thought, Tucker Carlson, maybe he’s one of us. And then, by second 21, I thought, wait, he is intentionally sharing disinformation with his audiences and treating them like they are stupid, frankly, so that he can save his job, save viewers and make money. That is the part that is the most horrifying to me. I am horrified by the disinformation, but the fact that they knowingly did it, that is what I think is, in my view, the most problematic.”

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