Mississippi turns suddenly blue?

A shocking new poll suggests that Mississippi could soon be the next Democratic state to go blue.

A poll by Mississippi Today/Sienna College found that Brandon Presley, the Northern District Commissioner could be a help to Democrats breaking through the deeply southern, Republican-dominated state.

Mississippi hasn’t elected a Democrat to a statewide office in nearly 20 years.

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Only 33 percent of voters say they’ll back Gov. Tate Reeve, R-M.S., while 57 percent said they’ll vote for someone else. If another Republican candidate runs as a spoiler, Presley could win the governor’s mansion.

“We’ve got a state filled with good people, but horrible politicians. Tate Reeves is a man with zero conviction and maximum corruption,”Presley spoke. “He looks out for himself and his rich friends instead of the people that put him into office.”

“We can build a Mississippi where we fight corruption, not embrace it. Where we cut taxes, lower the cost of healthcare and create good jobs,”He said it in a video. “A Mississippi where we finally focus on the future, not the past.”

Mississippi continues to see an increase of high school graduates, better wages, and an increase in their overall graduation rate. “economic boom”Reeves stated that this has resulted in a surplus of $4 billion in the state’s budget in his State of the State address on January 30.

“The people of Mississippi are our state’s strength. It is because of your hard work that our state is primed and ready to face the challenges of tomorrow,”Reeves spoke during the speech he gave on the South Steps of the State Capitol.

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Republican Reeves, who is seeking a second term in the state’s highest office, used part of his speech to touch on some of the same themes that other conservatives are using across the United States. He stated: “radical liberals”They are endangering society by allowing children the freedom to select their pronouns. “advancing untested experiments and persuading kids that they can live as a girl if they’re a boy, and that they can live as a boy if they’re a girl.”

Reeves renewed his call for the GOP-controlled Legislature to eliminate Mississippi’s income tax. He signed Mississippi’s largest income tax reduction into law last year, but some top lawmakers resisted a total elimination because of concerns about future funding for education, health care and other services.

“Whether it’s the record investment or all-time low unemployment, the all-time high graduation rate or standing up to the radical left’s war on our values — Mississippi is winning, and our state is on the rise,” Reeves said.

Reeves thanked the U.S. Supreme Court last summer for overturning Roe v. Wade in Mississippi, the 1973 decision that legalized abortion nationwide. Reeves stated that Mississippi does not allow most abortions and he would like to continue his pursuit. “a new pro-life agenda”With child care tax credits and more adoptions, there is also an increase in state support for pregnant resource centers which provide supplies to babies and advise women about abortion.

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Reeves expressed pride in having received a substantial teacher salary increase for 2022. Reeves said that he hopes legislators will pass legislation to increase teacher pay. “Parents’ Bill of Rights”This would. “further cement that when it comes to the usage of names, pronouns, or health matters, schools will adhere to the will of parents.”

“There is no room in our schools for policies that attempt to undercut parents and require the usage of pronouns or names that fail to correspond with reality,” Reeves said.

Reeves claimed that Jackson, the capital, has an unacceptable rate of homicides. He called upon legislators to increase funding for the Capitol Police. They patrol a part of the city.

“In Mississippi we choose to fund the police,”He said. “We choose to back the blue.”

Mississippi’s governor stated that the state must increase health care through cutting bureaucracy, expanding medical residency programs, and using technology.

“Don’t simply cave under the pressure of Democrats and their allies in the media who are pushing for the expansion of Obamacare, welfare and socialized medicine,” Reeves said.

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Presley gave the Democrats’ response to the State of the State. Presley gave a short speech at a Newton hospital, which was shuttered and used to be home to more than 200 Newton residents.

“The reality is that under Tate Reeves’ leadership, we’re moving in the wrong direction,”Presley spoke. “Nothing makes that clearer than where I’m standing tonight.”

This article was written by the Horn editorial staff and the Associated Press.

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