Mike Pence on Iranian Anti-Regime Protests: ‘Revolution in the Making’

Present anti-regime protests in Iran are a “revolution in the making,” in accordance with former U.S. Vice President Mike Pence, who blasted the Biden and Obama administrations for his or her ineffectiveness at combating Iranian threats, whereas warning {that a} renewed nuclear deal would pave a path “in gold” for the Islamic Republic to realize a nuclear bomb.

Showing at a Washington summit hosted by the Group of Iranian American Communities (OIAC) in assist of a free and democratic Iran on Saturday, Pence addressed Iranian anti-regime activists, delivering a serious overseas coverage speech specializing in the Islamic Regime.

He pointed to the “common cause” he shared with the Iranian-Individuals in attendance: “the liberation of the Iranian people from decades of tyranny, and the rebirth of a free, peaceful, prosperous and democratic Iran.” Pence went on to say:

I do know I converse on behalf of tens of hundreds of thousands of Individuals, of each political events and of each political philosophy, after I say from our coronary heart: The American individuals assist your purpose of building a secular, democratic, non-nuclear Iranian republic that derives its powers from the consent of the ruled.

Bi-partisan Washington Iran Summit  2023 | Iran Nationwide Uprising Call For New US Policy

Pence then criticized America’s “silence” in 2009 and “the Obama administration’s halfhearted support” when “millions of courageous men and women filled the streets of Tehran and Tabriz” to be able to denounce a “fraudulent election” and demand an “end to decades of repression.”

“The American cause is freedom. And in this cause America must never be silent,” he declared, including that the American individuals “are with you — yesterday, today and always.”

In distinction, he expressed delight within the Trump-Pence administration, when “America did not turn a deaf ear to the pleas of the Iranian people [and] did not remain silent in the face of the Iranian regime’s countless atrocities, sowing violence across the region.” 

Moreover, he defined:

We stood with the freedom-loving individuals in Iran. We cancelled the Iran Nuclear Deal, which had flooded the regime’s coffers with tens of billions of {dollars},– cash that it used to repress its personal individuals and assist lethal terror assaults around the globe. We imposed crippling new sanctions on Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard. We launched a marketing campaign of most strain, punishing the regime for its belligerent conduct and assault by itself residents. We vigorously enforced sanctions to deliver Iran’s oil exports to just about zero and to disclaim the regime its principal income.

“We called on the free nations of the world to stand with us and with the Iranian people [and] we encouraged world leaders to condemn Iran’s unelected dictators and defend the Iranian people’s unalienable right to determine their own destiny,” he added.

He additionally known as out the present administration for having “waived sanctions imposed by the Trump-Pence administration related to the Iranian regime’s nuclear activities” 

“Appeasement has never worked, and it never will.”

Based on Pence, a renewed nuclear deal received’t result in “peace and stability” however to “more terrorism, death and destruction,” whereas destabilizing the area.

It additionally received’t block Iran’s path to a nuclear bomb however will “pave it in gold,” he claimed, including that such a deal wouldn’t “benefit the people of Iran in any way, shape, or form” however will quite “empower and enrich the regime that has tormented and tortured the Iranian people for generations.”

Consequently, Pence known as on the Biden administration to “stand with the people of Iran… to stand up for the cause of freedom and justice… and to cease and desist all efforts in support of nuclear negotiations” with the regime, noting that “peace is only possible with strength.”

Calling out America’s previous “silence,” Pence famous the Iranian regime “has never been weaker than it is today,” with the Iranian individuals “fed up [and] ready for change,” as he lauded Iranian resistance which “has never been stronger.” 

With [Iranian opposition MEK (Mujahadin-e Khalq)’s] management, academics, staff, retirees, have courageously taken to the streets in over 280 cities in 31 provinces. College students from greater than 130 universities – even highschool college students – have introduced new vitality to the trigger. Protests was remoted and sporadic. Now because the world media watches what they’ll, the protests have been occurring continuous for the previous 6 months.

Based on Pence, present anti-regime demonstrations in Iran are “not just another protest [but] a revolution in the making.” 

“And it is owing to the confidence and faith of all of you and most especially to the brave Iranians – especially the women who have paid an enormous price – leading the decades-long fight for freedom and justice,” he stated.

He additionally known as out the regime’s “fake reformers and regime puppets pretending to be moderates.” 

“We know that many of these so-called reformers offer nothing more than false hope and the illusion of change,” he stated. “But the people of Iran want real change – and real change is exactly what MEK offers.”

He concluded by urging “all free nations” of the world to “continue to support the Iranian people in their calls for freedom and demand that Iran’s leaders cease their dangerous and destabilizing actions at home and abroad.”

“We stand with the people of Iran because it is right, and because the regime in Tehran threatens the peace and security of the world,” he added.

Final week, a bipartisan Home majority endorsed a decision expressing Congress’s assist for a democratic Republic of Iran whereas calling for a brand new Iran coverage in mild of continued protests by the Iranian individuals and growing repression by the “theocratic thugs who have oppressed them for far too long.”

The decision, sponsored by 223 U.S. Home members, helps Iran’s uprisings for a secular republic. It notes that Iranian opposition MEK (Mujahadin-e Khalq) political chief and President-elect of the Nationwide Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI) Maryam Rajavi’s “Ten Point Plan” to make sure Iranians’ freedom of expression and meeting — in addition to the fitting to decide on their elected leaders — is the “path toward a free, secular, Democratic and non-nuclear Iran.”

The matter comes as huge protests proceed to sweep Iran following the September dying of 22-year-old Mahsa Amini whereas within the custody of the Islamic theocracy’s infamous “morality police” for violating strict necessities for ladies to maintain their heads coated in public.

Since then, a slew of incidents involving abuses and even deaths by the hands of the regime have been documented amid an ongoing clampdown on protests, with clips circulating exhibiting Iranian regime officers brutally assaulting protesters.

Representatives of Iran’s parliament in exile, the Nationwide Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI) have claimed Iran — the biggest state sponsor of terrorism worldwide — is presently witnessing a revolution “in the making,” with the Islamic Republic now not able to containing the present rebellion.

Beforehand, Pence accused the Biden administration of threatening to “unravel all the progress” the Trump administration made in marginalizing the Iranian regime.

He has additionally expressed timeless assist for Iranian resistance whereas blasting the Biden crew’s new concessions to the “tyrants” in Tehran, its “virtual abandonment of our ally Israel,” and the “disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan,” which have emboldened the “adversaries of freedom” that now sense “weakness” within the American administration.

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