Graham: Biden was less decisive in removing Spy Balloons than he was on Repealing Trump’s Border Policies

On Monday’s broadcast of the Fox News Channel’s “Jesse Watters Primetime,” Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) stated that President Joe Biden showed a ridiculous level of indecision over shooting down the Chinese spy balloon while Biden was very decisive when it came to his ill-fated moves to withdraw from Afghanistan and repeal all of former President Donald Trump’s border policies and that he doesn’t think the balloon would have been shot down without public pressure.

Graham said: “I want to know why didn’t we know about previous Chinese spy balloons going across the country. Could the Pentagon fail to inform President Trump? I don’t believe for one moment they were going to shoot this balloon down until public pressure mounted. But, this is Joe Biden in two buckets and both of them are bad buckets. Indecisive Joe Biden, you know Putin’s going to invade Ukraine for weeks, if not months, you don’t arm the Ukrainians, you don’t put sanctions on to deter a war you maybe could have deterred, indecision, right? Then the border, decision, decisive Biden, you repeal all of the policies of Donald Trump, even though they tell you it’s going to lead to an invasion. You pull out of Afghanistan, decisive Biden, even though everybody tells you it’s going to create a new 9/11 event for the United States potentially. And the balloon is indecisive Biden. Whether he’s decisive or indecisive, he always screws up.”

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