Governor of the GOP takes control of border wall

In late January, U.S. authorities reported a greater number of illegal border crossings for December than for any other month of Joe Biden’s presidency.

Despite all federal inaction Texas Governor. Greg Abbott decided to take matters into his own hands.

He built his own wall at the border.

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Abbott was mentioned by some as a potential candidate for the presidency. has been trumpeting the Texas Facilities Commission’s $224 contract with Fisher Sand & Gravel Company. As chief executive, he’s taking credit for the state-funded border wall.

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Some critics questioned the effectiveness of Abbott’s border wall. Trump, the former President of the United States, fortified the US border in the Southwest U.S. but smugglers were able to cut through it. Former Gov. Doug Ducey set up shipping containers near the border for illegal immigrants.

“Being the mayor of the largest inland port, I am a supporter of border security, but I am not convinced that a physical border wall will do anything except divide our community along partisan lines,”Victor Travino, Laredo Mayor, spoke to the Laredo Morning Times last month.

“In speaking with my counterpart in Nuevo Laredo, Alcaldesa Carmen Lilia Canturosas, we believe security can be achieved by working closer together than by being divided.”

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Abbott supporters still consider the wall a better option than federal inaction. They’ve described the wall as cost-effective insurance against illegal immigration.

“As we continue to see, Gov. (Greg) Abbott is concerned about Texas and its safety. I’m glad to see that the wall will continue to be built (in our area),”Luis De La Garza, Webb County GOP Chair, spoke to the newspaper.

In December, El Paso, Texas, has become the busiest of the Border Patrol’s nine sectors on the Mexican border for a third month in a row.

The city was overwhelmed with migrants who were released to pursue their immigration cases in the U.S. in the weeks leading up to Biden’s visit on Jan. 8, his first to the border as president.

Biden announced in January that the U.S. could admit as many as 30,000 persons a month from Cuba, Haiti and Nicaragua under humanitarian parole. They will allow them to reside and work for up to two years provided they submit an online application, pay airfare and get a financial sponsor. Mexico, on the other hand, agreed to accept back those same numbers from four nations that illegally entered the U.S. and could be expelled under Title 42.

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There were more immigrants stopped in Ecuador and Peru during December. But, there was a surge of migrants arriving from Cuba and Nicaragua at the border communities.

Cubans were stopped more than 43,000 times during December. That’s 23% higher than November but nearly five times as many as the same time last year. Nicaraguans were stopped over 35,000 times in December, an increase of 3% from November. This is more than twice the number from December 2021.

From January, data hasn’t been released by the U.S.

This article was contributed by the Horn editorial team, and the Associated Press.

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