GOP Rep. Massie on Requires Censorship to Forestall Financial institution Runs: ‘That is Their Go-to Now for the Democrats’

Monday, throughout an look on FNC’s “Jesse Watters Tonight,” Rep. Thomas Massie (R-KY) reacted to an allegation that Sen. Mark Kelly (D-AZ) advised censorship as a way to stop runs on banking establishments.

The Kentucky Republican confirmed the interplay on a convention name, including that the censorship tactic has develop into a “go-to” for the Democratic Celebration.

“I do hear something that was said on a call with you today,” host Jesse Watters stated. “Someone said you’re not even allowed to talk about bank runs. Is that true?”

“Yes, there was a senator — I believe it was Mark Kelly, who asked if we had a good program to censor this stuff at social media, to censor information, so there wouldn’t be a run on the banks,” Massie replied. “The issue is that he didn’t say he wished to censor false or overseas info. He type of left it open-ended. And I imply, that’s chilling to me. That’s their go-to now for the Democrats. Let’s censor our approach to an answer.’

“Censor and print — that’s basically the deal,” Watters replied.

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