Dem Sen. Murphy: ‘Trump Wing of the Republican Social gathering Has Determined to Flip Its Again on Democracy’

Senator Chris Murphy (D-CT) stated Wednesday on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” that former President Trump’s wing of the Republican Social gathering “has decided to turn its back on democracy.”

Murphy stated, “Let me make clear first that you can have good faith objections to U.S. support for Ukraine. We should always be willing to have a debate about whether it makes sense or not for the United States to send troops abroad to support wars overseas. It’s not by definition unpatriotic to question U.S. military involvement in places outside the United States.”

He continued, “This doesn’t appear to be a good faith objection. The Republican Party, in particular the Trump wing of the Republican Party, has decided to turn its back on democracy. They have tremendous affection for dictators because they’ve decided that they would rather sacrifice American democracy if that’s what’s necessary to stay in power. I worry that DeSantis and Trump’s support for Putin and opposition to Ukraine is part and parcel of a broader lack of enthusiasm for democracy and self-governance.”

Murphy added, “I’m willing to have the debate about whether it makes sense to, you know, send money to Ukraine. I think it makes a ton of sense because it is just true if we don’t defend Ukraine, the entire post-World War II order falls apart. It is not hyperbole to suggest Putin will move on a NATO country, which will definitely put U.S. troops into the fight, and China will move on to Taiwan, and all of a sudden, we live in a chaos world. This is a, frankly, worthwhile and relatively small investment to protect U.S. security and global security in the long run.”

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