Dem Sen. Kelly on Attainable Trump Prices: ‘No person Is Above the Regulation’

Senator Mark Kelly (D-AZ) mentioned Sunday on CNN’s “State of the Union” that no one is above the legislation when requested about former President Donald Trump probably being charged with a criminal offense.

Anchor Jake Tapper mentioned, “Let’s start with the latest on Trump. Obviously, arresting a former president would be unprecedented in the history of the United States. We do not know what exactly charges could be filed yet. What we do know includes the idea that falsifying business records might be one of the charges. That’s a misdemeanor in New York unless prosecutors use what a lot of experts say would be a risky legal approach to try to charge him with a felony. All of this, by the way, over an improper accounting of $130,000 payment. Do you think, do you have any concerns that this specific charge might not rise to the magnitude of justifying a step such as this?”

Kelly mentioned, “Well, let me start by saying, Jake, you know, we’re a country of laws, and nobody is above the law. I think it’s very important for the Manhattan D.A. to look into this thoroughly. If they come to the conclusion that he should be charged, the former president has some constitutional rights. And this is a process that’s going to need to be worked out between him and his lawyers. You know, I would hope that if they brought charges, that they have a strong case. Because this is, as you said, it’s unprecedented. And you know, there’s certainly risks involved here. But, again, nobody in our nation is or should be above the law.”

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