Blackburn: Democrat Silence on Threats Against SCOTUS Justices, Pro-Life Groups ‘Unconscionable’

During an appearance on FNC’s “America Reports” Friday, Sen. Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) hammered the Biden administration, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and the Democratic for what she called an “unconscionable” response to threats of violence aimed at Supreme Court justices and other pro-life entities.

Blackburn told host John Roberts that lawbreakers were not being held to account by the Biden Justice Department, which she said was a product of Democrats knowing election losses were ahead.

“[T]hey are breaking the law,” Blackburn said. “This is a federal offense, and they need to be taken down to city hall and booked because they are in violation of federal law. And the fact that the DOJ has not stepped forward, the fact that Nancy Pelosi and the House took a month to look at providing extra security for the justices and their families. This is unconscionable. And then you had the Squad and some of the leftists who voted no on protecting the justices. But they voted for extra protection for themselves after January 6.”

“It is inappropriate,” she continued. “And it is unlawful. But Democrats are so fearful that they are getting ready to lose it all in the midterm election because they know — the House and the Senate, some of these governorships — they’re not going to be under Democrat control any longer. What you’re going to see is a sea change that is coming. People do not like the violence. They don’t like this rhetoric. They don’t want the threat, the assaults, the cancel culture, the CRT being taught to their kids, the inflation, the price at the pump, at the grocery store. They are ready for change, and Democrats know this, so they are all-in.

“They are all-in when it comes to protesting justices,” Blackburn added. “They are all-in when it comes to standing there in front of these houses and carrying out these unlawful protests.

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