UK PM Placed Under General Anaesthetic For Routine Surgery

Boris Johnson, British Prime Minster was anesthetized to arouse for his role in the British Parliament. “routine”Operation on his sinuses Monday morning left the Deputy Prime Minister temporarily at the head of government.

Boris Johnson was subject to what one called “a spokesperson” “routine”, “very minor”Operation on his sinuses was performed Monday morning. He was then placed under general anaesthesia. Dominic Raab (Secretary of State for Justice) took the reins and assumed the presidency of the nation.

While Boris Johnson is out of the hospital, Dominic Raab will act as interim Prime Minister until Johnson’s recovery. The Sun reports.

The Prime Minister wasn’t even aware that he was being asked to do so. “relatively brief period of time”And the procedure was scheduled ahead of time.

The circumstances surrounding the UK Prime Minister’s surgery today echo, in some regards, his admission to a London hospital in 2020 for Coronavirus. Dominic Raab was also in the role of Prime Minister at that time, although for longer 20 days than the 24-hours suggested.

While Boris Johnson was initially admitted to St Thomas’ hospital, directly over the river from the Houses of Parliament in central London, in April 2020 it was for “tests”Following his coronavirus test ten days prior, However, things quickly escalated when the Prime Minister was admitted to intensive care.

The Prime Minister spent several days in intensive care before being released from Chequers, where he received treatment and was declared stable.

It has been since widely reported that Johnson attributed his unusually bad coronavirus infection for a man of his age to his high weight, leading him to move away from his once-perceived hands-off approach to become more interventionist in other people’s health and life choices.

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