TX Police find body of missing Corrections officer, suspect charged with murder

Law enforcement found the body of Evelyn Guardado, 24, after a thorough search at a ranch 20 miles north from Eagle Pass. She had been reported missing on January 31, 2017. The search results were announced by Texas Rangers as well as local police on Tuesday. Shortly after the start of the search, it was announced that the discovery had been made.

While the evidence was being processed, authorities surrounded the site where the body had been discovered. Breitbart Texas observed as dismayed relatives arrived close to the spot of discovery. The missing woman’s mother wept and screamed as authorities processed the site.

Breitbart Texas/Randy Clark

A Tuesday press conference was held by authorities. They stated that an unclothed corpse had been found hidden beneath thick brush in the ranch. Police have confirmed that the body is Evelyn Guardado, although no official identification was made.

As reported by Breitbart Texas, Guardado’s family reported her disappearance to local authorities who initiated an investigation. Guardado is a former deputy constable for Maverick county. Family members unsuccessfully attempted to call the missing woman’s phone but found it had been turned off shortly after her disappearance.

Police located Guardado’s gray Dodge Charger at an apartment complex in Eagle Pass on Thursday. Federico Garza Eagle Pass Chief Police Officer said that the vehicle had been impounded to provide evidence.

Breitbart Texas/Randy Clark

Out of frustration, Evelyn’s family began an investigation of their own by visiting local businesses requesting security camera footage to trace her route after leaving work. Their efforts paid off when a local department store’s security camera captured her vehicle as it entered a residential neighborhood less than a mile from the Rio Grande. The findings led police to a house nearby where evidence shows Evelyn’s vehicle had been present before a move to the apartment complex.

Chief Garza said Monday that an arrest was made in the connection with this case. According to Garza, Jesus Esteban Vasquez of Eagle Pass was arrested and charged with unauthorized use of a motor vehicle for moving Evelyn’s Dodge from his residence to an apartment on the day after her disappearance.

Evelyn’s last known location was at the home of Vasquez on Buena Vista Drive. Officials claim that Vasquez works as an officer at nearby GEO Correctional Facility.

Vasquez was freed from Maverick County Jail immediately after his arrest. He had been arrested for unauthorized use of a motor car after posting $35,000 bail.

Within hours of finding the body, police found Vasquez traveling to San Antonio with a grey van. According to Eagle Pass Police Chief Federico Garza, Vasquez was taken again into custody in Medina County. He is currently being charged with homicide. Garza stated to reporters that Vasquez was under continuous surveillance ever since the release of him on charges for vehicle theft.

No motive for the crime was relayed to media during Tuesday’s conference. Garza said that additional arrests were possible in the case.

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