Two Canadians’ Throats Slit near Cancun

Two Canadians were killed and a third was injured by unknown perpetrators at Playa Del Carmen resort, just a few miles from Cancun. The victim was an international criminal fugitive on charges of computer fraud.

Mexican authorities confirm the double murder in Playa del Carmen at QuintanaRoo, Quintana. Both the male and female victims had their throats cut. A third victim, a man, was left with severe stab wounds.

Mexican authorities quickly pointed out that these victims weren’t tourists. They had lived in Mexico at least 4 years prior to the attack. According to local media outlets, one of the victims was a male who had three or more false names and was being sought by Interpol.

According to Mexican authorities, the Canadian Embassy is involved in the case and did confirm the victims’ nationalities. Unknown is the origin of third victim.

A gunman killed and wounded two Canadian tourists at the Mayan Riviera’s popular resort. Vietnamese drug traffickers and mafia were responsible for the deaths. In April, the head of Mexico’s Army, Luis Cresencio Sandoval, said that most of the violent crime in Quintana Roo is centered around Cancun, Playa del Carmen, and Chetumal.

Luisana Moreno contributes to Breitbart Texas.

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