Trump is not persuaded by GOP leaders after disappointing Midterms:



Republicans plan to use a strategy that can help them win the future, if Donald Trump doesn’t stand in their way. Time Magazine reported that leaders within the Republican Party think their reluctance to vote by mail has hurt them in elections. Now they want to embrace this strategy.

“One of the first lessons we have to take from the midterms is the power of early voting. Florida is able to do it efficiently and securely. DeSantis barely lost ‘Early by Mail’ and mopped the floor with ‘Early in Person’ drop-offs 61% to 38%,”Charlie Kirk spoke on Twitter.

“Telling everyone to vote in-person on ED opens you to traffic jams and machine malfunctions like what happened in Maricopa County. If and when that happens, there’s no rewinding time to change your strategy. You’re at the mercy of the courts and voters’ own schedules,”He said.


Blake Masters (a Republican Senate Candidate in Arizona), was also defeated by Democrat Senator Mark Kelly.

“We simply have to beat them at this VBM game, and rely less on ED voting as a party. Not a new thought — this is obvious to everyone now. I intend to spend a substantial part of my time and energy these next few years helping make that happen,”He said.

Newt Gingrich, former Speaker of House spoke to Sean Hannity on Fox News after Herschel was defeated by Sen. Raphael Warnock in Georgia. He said that “You have to play the game by the rules that are existing.”

“That means, for example, if you want Generation Z voters you’ve got to be on TikTok, even if in fact in the long run we may abolish TikTok as a Chinese communist device,”The former Speaker stated.

“It means that you have to recognize early voting. It doesn’t do Republicans any good to save their TV money until October if they’ve had a third of the vote come in in September,”He said.

However, former President Donald Trump continues to spread the message that he doesn’t believe in mail-in elections.


“When you have intra-party division and messaging, it just divides the party itself.”Natalie Stroud from the University of Texas at Austin said. “So that’s a very tricky one, if he sticks to the same narrative.”


Ronna McDaniel, Republican Party Chair, spoke on Fox News Tuesday to say that Republican voters should embrace the new method of voting.

“Our voters need to vote early,”She said. “There were many in 2020 saying, ‘Don’t vote by mail, don’t vote early,’ and we have to stop that and understand that if Democrats are getting ballots in for a month, we can’t expect to get it all done in one day.”

Harmeet Dhillon is a Trump lawyer and a former voter by mail skeptic.

“I’ve come around to the view that, where it is legal, Republicans need to be voting as early as possible, and getting their votes and banking their votes, just like the Democrats do,”Time Magazine quoted her. “It actually helps predict where you need to go to chase the ballots better. It lessens the anxiety around Election Day, it decreases the risk that things like snow, rain, inclement weather will suppress the vote. It decreases the chances of things like long lines in voting that affected a lot of Republicans in Arizona on Election Day, which I saw with my own two eyes. And, you know, it’s convenient.”

Republican Lee Zeldin lost narrowly to Democrat Gov. New York. Kathy Hochul does not support expanding mail-in voting, but wants to make it legal.

“States shouldn’t be passing laws to allow ballot harvesting or no-excuse absentee balloting,”Tim Magazine was the first to hear it. “But wherever states decide to do it anyways, Republicans need to do it better than Democrats and make those Democrats deeply regret legalizing those methods in the first place.”

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