The Facebook Files: The CDC and Meta Colluded To Supress ‘Misinformation’

Emails obtained from a Biden lawsuit indicating that the CDC was involved in censoring and moderating Facebook speech about the COVID pandemic suggest that the CDC had a direct involvement.

Facebook’s cozy relationship with the CDC was revealed after the state of Missouri sued the federal government for alleged censorship of citizens in violation of the First Amendment. Robby Soave, Reason Editor, described the nature of communication in a series tweets reminiscent to the Twitter files. He also included screenshots from the pertinent emails between Meta and CDC employees.

“The CDC had significant input on pandemic-era policies at Meta,”Soave wrote. “The CDC was consulted frequently, at times daily, receiving constant updates about which topics were trending, and giving recommendations on what content to flag as false or misleading.”

The revelations mirror disclosures about Twitter’s close cooperation with government officials in suppressing claims that went against the official line were made voluntarily after Elon Musk bought that platform.

In May 2021, Facebook was tracking statements made by users regarding the safety and efficacy COVID vaccines. The CDC also highlighted ideas it wanted suppressed or banned. Facebook was eager to acquiesce — one moderator went so far as to thank the CDC for “help in debunking”These are the claims.

The CDC noticed a common claim about the CDC that was widely shared. “lab leak” theory — the notion that COVID was biologically engineered — an idea the CDC dismissed as technically possible, but highly improbable. Soon after the exchange, Facebook began to crackdown on accounts and users who promoted lab leak theories.

By July of 2021, the CDC was flagging posts for concerns beyond factual accuracy — claims that “may cause harm”Induce or prevent “vaccine refusal”Also flagged to prevent censorship

“Meta gave the CDC de facto power to police COVID misinfo on the platforms; the CDC took the position that essentially any erroneous claim could contribute to vaccine hesitancy and cause social harm. This was a recipe for vast silencing, at the feds’ implicit behest.”Facebook agreed to remove any posts that suggested the vaccine wasn’t safe after the FDA issued an emergency approval for COVID vaccinations for children.

The CDC watched out for mockery and criticism of Anthony Fauci (ex-Director of National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases).

Meta employees refered to their colleagues at the CDC in the emails as “Meaningful”. “colleagues”they are seeking to give them multiple channels for flagging and reporting content. However, co-operation may not have been totally voluntary — members of the White House staff routinely and publicly berated Facebook and other social media platforms for not taking down offending posts fast enough, and as recently as July of 2021, President Biden himself said Facebook was “killing people.”

“Facebook is a private entity, and thus is within its rights to moderate content in any fashion it sees fit,”Soave ended. “But the federal government’s efforts to pressure social media companies cannot be waved away. Such an arrangement—whereby private entities, at the behest of the government, become ideological enforcers—is unacceptable. And it may be illegal.”

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