Police Charged with Murder of Tyre Nichols: Cops are Hired after Job Requirements Are Lowered

Some of the officers fired for the murder of Tyre Nicks were hired by the Memphis Police Department, according to reports.

According to local media, Nichols passed away on January 10, just three days after Memphis police arrested him in a traffic stop. Nichols is black, as are the five ex-police officers that were accused of killing him.

Two counts each of official misconduct have been filed against officers Tadarrius Bean and Demetrius Haley and Emmit Martin III and Desmond Mills Jr. Local media reports that they were all charged with one count each of official oppression and second-degree murder and aggravated assault in concert as well as two counts for aggravated kidnapping.

According to The New York Post, Bean and Haley were recruited by the Memphis Police Department in 2020 during riots relating to George Floyd’s death.

Bean and Haley’s hiring by the department in August 2020 came two years after the department significantly lowered the education required to join the force.

The lowered standards meant that recruits no longer needed an associate’s degree or 54 college credit hours to join, the report said, and could instead get by with just work experience.

The Post spoke with experts that said the reduced requirements meant “less desirable”The department was bringing on candidates.

Karan Parmar, a law enforcement officer posted on LinkedIn that sources within the department claimed the officers weren’t hired using the usual process the department used.

“According to a source within the Memphis PD, the 5 charged officers weren’t hired through the usual structured PD hiring process,” Parmar claimed. “City leaders felt the existing process was too strict and kept certain people from getting jobs at the department. City leaders began their own hiring process and then pushed new hires into the agency, bypassing the testing procedures in place at the department. You can read between the lines what that all means.”

“All 5 of the charged officers were hired by the City, and didn’t go through the rigorous PD testing process,”Continued the statement “This is what quota hiring looks like. Lawsuits and dead innocents. The city should pay (sic) the lawsuits instead of the Police department. This Murder wasn’t created by old school policing or by ‘white supremacy’. This murder was directly facilitated by liberal policy.”

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