Monday Afternoon News: After the Syria and Turkey Earthquakes, Death tolls Rise, NYC Announces End of COVID Mandate For Public Workers And Other Information

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Earthquakes in Turkey and Syria Cause Massive Deaths

Turkey and Syria were both rocked within the last 24 hours by earthquakes that reached magnitudes 7.8 and 7.5. Untold numbers are trapped in the wreckage with more than 3,000 killed so far – a number that is expected to rise.

China accuses U.S. “Indiscriminate Use Of Force”

In an update to this morning’s episode of Morning Wire, China is now accusing the United States of using “indiscriminate use of force”The U.S. military has shot down the Chinese spy satellite that was allegedly flying across the country in the course of the week. China claims that the plane was a civilian weather instrument.

Record Amount Of Americans Say They’re Worse Off Today Than When Biden Took Office

New ABC News/Washington Post poll finds that nearly four out of 10 Americans feel financially poorer since President Biden’s election. This is the largest negative response to the poll in 37 years since ABC/The Post first asked the question. Just days ahead of Biden’s State of the Union speech, the poll revealed that only 6% of respondents were negative.

Allowed Power Substation Attackers Are Arrested

FBI has arrested two Florida women and one man from Maryland for plotting to strike power substations near Baltimore. According to the FBI, they are believed to have been “racially or ethnically motivated,”Inflicting quote “maximum harm” on the city’s power grid.

NYC ends the covid mandate for city workers

Eric Adams, New York City Mayor, has announced that he would end the COVID-19 immunization mandate for city workers beginning February 10.

Kidnapped Missouri Children Found In Florida

A Florida grocery shop found two kidnapped children from Kansas City’s suburb in March 2022. High Springs Police say they did a routine check of a car parked near the Winn Dixie Store, found information on an unknown person, and located the female inside the shop with the 11-year old girl and 12-year-old boy. Both the sister and brother will be returning to their loved ones soon.

New Jersey Man Hiring Hitman To Kill Teenager.

New Jersey police say that an accused was sexually molested by a 14 year-old and hired a hitman to execute him. According to authorities, the suspect wanted the victim killed so that he would not be able to testify at a future trial.

Artificial Intelligence-Generated Twitch Suspends “Seinfeld” Knock-Off

Twitch suspended artificial intelligence-generated 24/7 streaming shows modeled after ‘Seinfeld’After Jerry Seinfeld, the character that was meant to portray Jerry Seinfeld, made a transphobic joke in a stand up bit. It was titled “Nothing, Forever”Seinfeld is a program that allows you to view the entire show and create an endless stream of content using modern plot devices and style.

“I’m thinking about doing a bit about how being transgender is actually a mental illness,”The character spoke. “Or how all liberals are secretly gay and want to impose their will on everyone.”

Nothing, forever transgender joke

Britain’s Nurses, Ambulance Workers Strike

Employees of Britain’s National Health Service started their largest strike in history on Monday. Tens to thousands of ambulance and nursing workers want higher salaries, but critics argue that their strike puts strain on an already struggling health system and exposes U.K. citizens.

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