LGBT Group: Protecting Women and Girls could be a goal ‘Transphobic’

Talks about the protection of girls and women in UK prisons might be a topic for discussion “transphobic”A pro-LGBT group claimed this.

The Pride in Prison & Probation (PIPP) group, a government staff organisation that supports LGBT ideology, has claimed that discussions surrounding wanting to protect women and girls could be “transphobic”.

This comes amid Britain’s public outrage over the attempts to house male Rapists, described as “so-called” “transwomen”Female prisons despite evidence to the contrary.

A report by however states that the number of people who have been affected is 3%. The TimesPIPP is concerned that any talk of protecting these prisoners might be problematic and has reportedly sent an email to staff at the Ministry of Justice asking them not to use certain phrases and terms.

Within the alleged email the group — which reportedly sits on the HM Prison and Probation Service board which, among other things, allocates transgender prisoners — claimed that discussions of “protecting women and girls”It could also be considered “transphobic”If used in “coded” manner.

Civil servants are also instructed to avoid around 35 phrases and terms that could be considered discriminatory towards transgender individuals. “protect women’s spaces”, “actual/real woman” “adult human female”.

The prison guard group has the majority of power, but government officials claim that they have attempted to limit their influence. “distance” the department from the pro-transgenderism group’s views.

According to reports, an email from the group was sent to staff in November. This message is indicative of ongoing debate surrounding transgenderism. Some elements want to see the UK as a home for males. “transwomen”With real female prisoner

For instance, there were attempts made to house convicted double rapist Isla Bryson — born Adam Graham — in a women’s prison in Scotland before authorities in both Holyrood and Westminster stepped in, with the latter even going so far as to ban the practice of housing biological males in women’s prisons.

However, such a ban was only conditional. Males could still be allowed to access such prisons if they were granted permission by responsible ministers. The pro-LGBT Tory Party insists that this will only happen in “exceptional cases”.

This alone could be enough for many female prisoner to feel nervous. However, a May 2013 report found that transwomen had been given priority by the prison system in the past, sometimes at the expense biological females who have been sexually assaulted.

“The safety of female prisoners is being put at risk, and their dignity and privacy undermined, by being incarcerated with biological males, some of whom are known sex offenders,”Last week, a report on the subject was published.

“The claim that this is a fair balancing of rights does not stand up to scrutiny, particularly in view of the fact that alternative arrangements could be made within the existing prison regime which would enable trans-identifying male prisoners to safely ‘live in their acquired gender’ without being housed in the women’s estate,”It went on, “

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