Lee Zeldin gives up the campaign treasurer with George Santos

Lee Zeldin (former Rep.) announced that Monday he would start a new committee for political action without Nancy Marks. Nancy Marks is the treasurer Nancy shared with George Santos. 

“We will be announcing a new federal PAC that is being stood up right now utilizing a different treasurer,”Zeldin (Republican-NY) spoke at the New York State Conservative Party Political Action Conference, Albany, New York. 

Marks notified the Federal Election Commission last week that she had resigned from Santos’ (R-NY) campaign and his affiliated political committees. Her announcement came a week after the Santos campaign named a replacement who claims he didn’t agree to take the job amid the discovery of numerous campaign finance irregularities that appear to have caught the eye of federal investigators. 

“The treasurer has something like close to 200 different accounts,”According to Politico Zeldin stated that he was separating himself from Marks.

“Our interaction has been through Marks’ daughters,”Zeldin also acknowledged that Marks and his children go to the same Long Island school. 

In December, George Santos confessed to The Post that his resume consisted mainly of lies.
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Marks has served as Zeldin’s campaign treasurer since his 2010 election to represent parts of Suffolk County in the New York state Senate. Recently, she was listed as Zeldin’s treasurer in his unsuccessful 2022 presidential campaign.

Marks did not respond to The Post’s requests for comment. 

Santos’ campaign finance disclosures have come under scrutiny since he admitted to The Post in December that he lied about almost his entire resume while on the campaign trail. 

One watchdog group called the campaign’s numerous expenditures recorded as costing $199.99 — a penny below the $200 threshold for FEC itemization — “statistically implausible”It is a sign of “deliberately falsified” reporting.

Queens-based relatives of the Long Island Republican were “dumbfounded”Mother Jones told them last week they made $2,900 in donations to Santos, but they denied making the donation. 

Santos’ team amended several campaign finance documents last month to show that a $500,000 loan he made to his 2022 congressional campaign didn’t come from “personal funds of the candidate.”He isn’t sure where the money he borrowed to fund his campaign comes from. 

The flurry of activity by the campaign came as a lawyer for Thomas Datwyler, the man whom the Santos campaign listed as its new treasurer last month, said that Santos’ team named him treasurer without his authorization. 

According to reports, the Justice Department asked the FEC to not pursue enforcement actions against Santos while it continues its criminal investigation of the disgraced lawyer.

The guidance sent by the DOJ’s Public Integrity Section signals that federal prosecutors may be centering their probe into Santos on his campaign finances. 

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