In Central America, VP Harris is helping to slow illegal immigration

Kamala Harris, the Vice President, has helped businesses direct their investments out of America and into Central America. The move is claimed by the Biden Administration to reduce the illegal migration record.

Harris, who serves as the administration’s border czar, has frequently argued that the federal approach to border security should center upon addressing economic instability, climate change, and other “root causes”These actions are said to lead illegal immigration. Her efforts have resulted in $4.2 billion of combined revenue. “private sector commitments to create economic opportunity in northern Central America,”A White House factsheet explains.

The federal government’s Central America Forward framework created a new Northern Central America Investment Facilitation Team which will “support clean energy infrastructure development, facilitate private sector operations, and promote sustainable economic development in the region.”USAID will support workforce development programs. The newly created Central America Service Corps, which is a non-profit organization, will be engaging young people in El Salvador and Guatemala with its new program. “paid community service opportunities.”

Central America Forward is a project that aims to create one million new jobs, increase access to the financial sector, establish a $75 million small business debt fund, and make $500 million worth of infrastructure investments. RJ Hauman (Federation for American Immigration Reform) was the Head of Government Relations. This statement was provided to The Daily Wire. “none of these investments serve as a deterrent for illegal immigration to the United States.”

“If the Biden administration wanted to truly end the crisis, they should start from the ground up at relevant agencies, not in corporate boardrooms,”He commented. “Sign asylum cooperative agreements, reform our asylum system, empower officers to enforce federal immigration law, and send the message to economic migrants and human smugglers that asylum fraud is not a pathway to get into the United States.”

According to the Federation for American Immigration Reform, as many as 5.55 million immigrants have entered the United States since the Biden administration began. According to data from the Federation for American Immigration Reform, 113 terrorists and suspected terrorists were reported as having crossed the border between fiscal years 2021-2022. In fiscal 2022, the number of migrant deaths exceeded 856, making it the most deadly period in history. Critics of the Biden administration’s immigration policies have asserted that lackluster emphasis on securing the border and increased resources for migrants who enter the country have worsened the illegal immigration crisis.

The effort to attract foreign investment comes several months after Biden announced funding for Latin American humanitarian aid. This aid package included assistance for rehabilitating and restoring infrastructure. It cost $645 million. “refugee and migrant populations,”As well as co-operation “climate smart economic reform.”

“This contribution will complement the United States’ existing commitment to providing life-saving humanitarian assistance, responding to acute food insecurity, and advancing capacity-building activities that bolster disaster preparedness and response”According to a White House press release, the White House said that there were no shortages in Latin America or the Caribbean.

Despite this, the move was made as American inflation reached new heights. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that food prices had risen 9.1% over the previous year, and that prices for meat rose 11.7% while dairy prices increased 13.5%.

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