‘I Get So Much Flack For Saying This’Ana Kasparian discusses failed leftist policies with Ben Shapiro

Ana Kasparian (liberal political commentator, host) said the Left’s policies that are not working, especially those related to Los Angeles crime and homelessness, should be discussed. “actual solution”It is possible to find it.

Kasparian, an open and unapologetic member of the Left, caught flack from some extremists on the Left for engaging in debate and discussion with people on the Right, most notably Daily Wire emeritus Ben Shapiro back in 2021. Kasparian refused to back down, and returned to have a conversation with Shapiro for this week’s episode of “The Ben Shapiro Show Sunday Special.”

“The approach that we have implemented is clearly not working; more people are dying,”Kasparian was speaking out on the Los Angeles homelessness crisis.


“I get so much flack for saying this: I want an actual solution,”Sie said. “It is insanely cruel to watch people die on our streets and then give yourself a pat on the back because you think you did something compassionate. That is not compassionate.”

“We need to get that person help,”She spoke out about people with severe mental illness. “They need help, and I don’t care how vicious people think I am for saying that, it’s just common sense, it really is.”

Kasparian explained that Los Angeles and California have problems because of this. “a huge mental health”Crises, drug addiction and lack of resources. “housing inventory.” The Left’s policy prescriptions have not been effective, the journalist said, arguing that ignoring and denying the problem is dangerous and particularly unhelpful for the communities the Left claims to care about.

“Denying that the problem exists is the other part of this,” Kasparian asserted. According to Kasparian, she recalled being attacked while walking her dog in Los Angeles and having to face backlash from Leftists for speaking publicly about her victimization.

“I was shocked by the kind of reaction I got from people I typically agree with politically,”Kasparian explained.

Shapiro said that Shapiro had been assaulted as she walked her dog around her local neighborhood. She was walking alongside two homeless men on drugs, and one grabbed her as she tried to pick up her dog. He repeatedly pointed his penis at her.

“I have to think about that at least twice a day when I take my dog out for a walk. Yes, it is traumatizing,”She added, “What’s making it worse, though, is that I’m the bad guy for sharing this story and saying, hey, we can’t just let this kind of stuff happen. We need to find real solutions for it.”

Shapiro vs Kasparian was a heated discussion that took place during the same meeting. Both sides agreed the current healthcare system was broken. Kasparian, however, argued that government funding should be used. “medical for all”Shapiro supported a more private, community-based approach to healthcare.

“Once you make systems national, you’re going to have to, in some way, ration the resources,” Shapiro explained, noting of 12-24 hour delayed ambulances with England’s National Health Service (NHS). “You’re going to have to either increase the resources you are utilizing, which means increasing taxes, or increasing regulations; or you’re going to have to ration care that people are going to receive on the other end.”

“My personal experience with a sort of ‘medical for all’ system is in Israel,” Shapiro explained. “Their emergency care is very good, and if you have cancer, you are — in serious trouble.”

“The United States has the highest five-year survival rate for things like breast cancer,”He concluded. “If you have a serious disease, people are coming to the United States for surgery, for treatment. If you have a broken arm, you’re probably better off in a nationalized healthcare system, because it’s a fairly simple thing to solve and it’s not going to ‘cost you,’ indirectly.”

Early in the discussion, both men stressed how important it was for people with different views to talk to each other. They also noted that this can help people challenge their beliefs and have a productive conversation.

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