Hispanic Virginia GOP House Candidat: “Democrat Party has lost touch” with Hispanic Community

Yesli Vega (a Hispanic) is the Republican nominee to represent Virginia’s 7th Congressional District. Yesli says she’s frustrated at the Democratic Party’s attempts to appeal to the Hispanic community. But, Democrats insist that they have the best interests of the people. “lost touch”Voters seeking to change.

Vega is a veteran law enforcement officer from the state. She spoke with Fox News Digital Wednesday about her plans for the general election.

“You have a Democrat Party that has completely lost touch with the Hispanic community,” Vega said. 

“The Hispanic community is a community that has showed time again how resilient they are. 


“These people are hard-working and many of them have left their homelands to find better opportunities in America. Some people have managed to escape socialism.

Vega warned against proponents of socialism — like Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., and Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt. — saying it’s “eye-opening” to speak with individuals who have yet to understand certain problems taking place in countries like Nicaragua, a place Vega said is now operated by a dictator.

“The Hispanic community strongly rejects this.” she said. “Look at how the crime rate is so high in these communities.”

Describing the difficulties faced by her parents, who she said fled from El Salvador amid a civil war in the country, Vega said she is “frightened” to hear what the Democratic Party has to offer.

“It is frightening to see the state of today’s Democrat Party. This has frightened my family and many Hispanic families in America.” Vega said. “America is the country that gives opportunity to the Hispanic Community. … So when you see a country that you love being attacked and going in the wrong direction, people are putting their foot down, and they’re saying ‘no more.’”

Vega said the Republican Party continues to “Deliver on the American Dream and American Promise” and said that this is one of the reasons why many Hispanic voters have begun to vote for Republicans.

Yesli Vega celebrates her Republican primary win for the 7th Congressional District during an election night event June 21, 2022, in Woodbridge, Va.

Vega stated that she was able, because of her Republican status, to make new connections with the Hispanic community while serving as the Glenn Youngkin campaign’s Latino Outreach Program chairwoman.

“The results we received exceeded our expectations.” she said. “It was a great opportunity to talk about issues important to our community and to build a relationship with them. It comes down to people realizing that there is a Democrat Party which panders and uses Latinx terms to describe Hispanics, despite the fact the vast majority of Hispanics don’t identify with this term.”


Describing Hispanics, Vega said, “We naturally believe in conservatism and that it is now or never.

“We’re not just a group that cares about immigration,”Elle added. “We care about education, we care about the safety of our communities, we care about jobs, the cost of living. And we certainly care about ensuring that America continues to be the America that they know and love.”

Vega stated that she continues to get her medication. “choked up”When she spots an American flag in the breeze, she insists “there’s no other country like America.”The United States is “near-perfect”She spoke of the importance of working towards a higher goal.

“So many brave men and women have died for our freedoms, and it’s time we remember what we’re all about,”She added that she had “worked hard for everything”What she’s accomplished in her personal and professional life.

Vega was asked by a reporter why crime seems to be on the rise, and what her plans are to do to fight illegal activities if elected to Congress.

“It comes to failed leadership, you know, even at the local level,” said Vega, who began her law enforcement career as a street cop with the City of Alexandria’s Police Department. 

“When you have a Democrat majority, whether its in the general assembly or the Senate, what we’ve seen happening these last few years has been the weakening of laws … literally tying law enforcement officers’ hands behind their back, where criminals are getting away with committing crimes and not facing any consequences.”

Vega stated that the criminals are being punished is “fostering a generation that thinks they can break the law, do what they please and that there will be no consequences to face.”

In November’s general election, Vega (whose brother was almost killed by MS-13 gang members) will be facing incumbent Rep. Abigail Spanberger (D-Va.), who has been representing the 7th District of the state in Congress since 2019.

Vega claimed that Spanberger is more than just a name. “aligned with Biden,”She has, however. “been right there holding Nancy Pelosi’s hand”Certain controversial measures were passed by the House.

“I’m a facts and data-driven person and, at the end of the day, Abigail Spanberger can say she is all things and use flowery language and think she’s going to continue to fool voters in the 7th District, but people aren’t buying it,” Vega said. “People in her own party aren’t buying it, and they’re tired of her failed leadership.”

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