Father James Martin: Gay Pride ‘Shows Us Whom Jesus Calls Us to Love’

ROME — Jesuit Father James Martin declared this week that Gay Pride celebrations show us “whom Jesus calls us to love”Therefore, they are “deeply complementary”with devotion to Jesus’ Sacred Heart.

Pride month and devotion towards the Sacred Heart “are not contradictory but complementary,”Father Martin writes. “Because each tells us something about how Jesus loves. And it is providential that both are marked in June.”

Despite the gay mantra “love is love,”However, the LGBT movement is not about love, but sex. The very initials of the movement indicate sexual preferences and inclinations.

According to Catholic theology and Christian morality, Jesus calls us to love. EveryoneBut he doesn’t want us to Sex with your partnerWe should share our love with all of them. He doesn’t want to see our mothers, sisters, daughters, or other friends of the same sex.

Gay Pride: “shows us whom Jesus calls us to love”Father Martin doesn’t choose to explain it.

In his essay, the Jesuit priest states that “in ten countries you can be executed for being gay.”This is false and misleading. You can be executed in ten countries for sodomy or gay sex. “being gay.”

Following the publication of Martin’s essay, two Spanish priests rejected the Jesuit’s arguments as unworthy of a man of God.

Jesus didn’t come to tell us this. “all paths are good,” Father Francisco Javier Bronchalo wrote Wednesday, and for a priest to compare a sinful path with devotion to the Sacred Heart “is imprudence and a great lie.”

Fr. James Martin should “reflect well on what he says. He can harm many people with these types of comparisons that aim to force his pro-LGBT position to the extreme,”Bronchalo was added.

For his part, Father Juan Manuel Góngora insisted that that gay “pride”The Sacred Heart of Jesus “are not complementary”However, they are “totally antagonistic in their essence and in their form. Humility overcomes pride.”

Father Martin stated earlier this month that Christian churches have a special obligation to celebrate Gay Pride since so much anti-gay violence is being perpetrated. “motivated by religion.”

A woman protests gun violence along Hollywood Boulevard at the Pride Parade that took place on June 12, 2022, in the Hollywood section in Los Angeles, California. (David McNew/Getty Images)

“Can Catholics celebrate Pride Month?”Father Martin asked before answering with a resounding “yes,”Gay Pride is “a celebration of the human dignity of a group of people who have been for so long treated like dirt.”

“It’s especially important for churches to celebrate Pride, since a great deal of the rejection and even violence that the LGBTQ community has faced has been motivated by religion, or at least what people think religion teaches,”The priest gave the command.

The LGBT celebrations are an example of this. “pride” is not sinful, Martin stated, because it is not a satisfaction in one’s accomplishments but “a consciousness of one’s own dignity.”

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