Conservative Strongholds Get Double the Support from Farage’s Party

Reform UK (the former party of Brexit champion Nigel Farage) has more than doubled its support for Conservative Party strongholds ever since Prime Minister Rishi Sanak was elected into Downing Street.

Reform UK has grown to six percent support in 42 states, according to the newly rebranded Brexit Party. ‘Blue Wall’The Tory Party holds most seats in south England. This is compared with three per cent for November 2013.

According to the research, 54% said they will still support the Conservatives if they were asked by voters who supported them in the 2019 General Election. 93% said they would go to Reform UK. 16% said that they would vote for the Labour Party. 31% said they would be supporting the Liberal Democrats. The Telegraph reported.

Overall trends have put Richard Tice’s Reform party at about nine percent of general election preferences in recent months. After Liz Truss’s unceremonious departure, the right-wing populist party surged. Truss tried to bring about free market reforms as well as open fracking. These were two main platforms for the Reform Party.

Some Conservative voters may have been irked by the party establishment’s decision to conduct a coup to replace Truss with the high-tax technocratic government of Rishi Sunak, who was expressly rejected by the party membership in last summer’s leadership race to replace Boris Johnson.

Conservative PartyHQ will probably be worried by the doubled support of the insurgent party, seeing as the Tories currently trail the Labour Party by over twenty points in Westminster voting intention.

The Brexit Party (previously known as Reform) and Nigel Farage, its leader, decided to stand down in the 2019 general election. This was to give Boris Johnson a sufficient majority to implement Brexit, after many years of delay under ex-Prime Minister Theresa May.

While Johnson ultimately secured the UK’s partial independence from the EU — leaving Northern Ireland subject to EU trading restrictions — the Conservative government has been widely seen to have betrayed the spirit of the Brexit movement on multiple fronts, ushering in the highest tax-burden since World War II, allowing in record numbers of migrants, and imposing an EU-style green agenda on the country.

Richard Tice, leader of Reform UK has made it clear that he won’t accept any agreement with the Tories in order to remain neutral at the next election and prevent the Labour Party taking power.

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