Blame Trump: The Deep State’s Latest Defense Of Biden’s Chinese Spy Balloon Ineptitude

President Donald J. Trump couldn’t even get a second scoop of ice cream without legacy media and anonymous sources going into hysterics, but now the Deep State is trying to convince the American people that Chinese spy balloons flew overhead during the Trump administration on several occasions — without the public so much as hearing a peep about the incident from government leaders.

As if that wasn’t insulting enough, the running defense of the Biden administration’s incompetence over the most recent Chinese spy balloon is that the international embarrassment is all Trump’s fault.

The most popular reaction from Americans to hearing about a giant inflatable surveillance system high above Montana was: “Why hasn’t it been shot down yet?”Deep State officials claimed that similar events occurred under Trump. No action was taken and this set the precedent to President Joe Biden.

“It has happened a handful of other times over the past few years, to include before this administration,”A Washington Post official spoke to The Washington Post Friday.

Numerous Trump officials then rushed to support the former president.

Former Ric Grenell was the Acting Director, United States National Intelligence, John Ratcliffe used to be Director of National Intelligence, Secretary of Defense Mark Esper said that it had never occurred. 

Even former National Security Advisor John Bolton — who by all accounts detests Trump — came out and said it never occurred.

The spy balloons appeared to have been made up by someone from the Biden government. Another official stated that spy balloons had been discovered “after Trump left office.”

What a convenient idea!.

Next, there was something that raised even more eyebrows on Monday.

Mike Waltz, a Republican from Florida, claimed former Trump officials think that James Mattis was the former Secretary for Defense and that he never advised the 45th president of the spy balloons. This is because Mattis’ potential erratic behavior.

“My office has been briefed by the office of the Secretary of Defense of the current Pentagon that it happened over Florida, it happened over Texas, and that it’s happened before,” Waltz told Fox Business’s Stuart Varney. “We have more detailed questions but what is unclear, Stuart, at this point is, did the Pentagon under the Trump administration brief the Trump White House and give them the option to take action or did they decide not to brief them for whatever reason?”

Waltz stated that he will investigate the incident.

“And there is some speculation, I talked to Trump administration officials over the weekend, that the Pentagon deliberately did it because they thought Trump would be too provocative and too aggressive,”He stated. “So that’s what we need to get to the bottom of and one person that I’m waiting to hear from that we haven’t heard from that list is former Secretary of Defense, General Mattis who was the secretary during this time period. What did he know and what did he decide to pass on and brief to the president.”

To recap, the alleged explanations regarding Chinese spy balloons under Trump are that, he knew and did nothing, the intel community failed to detect the balloons until after Trump left office, or that information was purposefully withheld from Trump — thereby potentially breaking chain-of-command.

There are three reasons to believe that Trump was not told by the Deep State.

We already know that the career officials in the U.S. government lied to Trump in the past in order to advance its policies and halt his America First agenda — such as when it hid the number of troops in Syria from the president.

“We were always playing shell games to not make clear to our leadership how many troops we had there,”Jim Jeffrey, a former diplomat of the United States and now avowed “Never Trumper”In the final days of Trump’s presidency, they were admitted.

The latest news about Trump’s Swamp being frank with him is not surprising.

The brazen acts of the Deep State to subvert the willful election of Trump as President should not be forgotten. Now, even after he has left office, it seems they are trying to smear his presidency to excuse Biden’s ineptitude.

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