Biden’s Balloon Playbook: Incompetence, Lying, Hiding, And Being Overruled

Sometimes, an event sums up the whole thing.

So it is with the ‘Adventure of Joe Biden and the Chinese Spy Balloon.’It was all about the stupidity and smugness of an administration incapable of stepping on one foot. The balloon saga, once again, occasioned the White House’s usual unfortunate mix of incompetence, lying, hiding, and being overruled. It was just another day in Biden’s presidency.

Let’s begin with the incompetence. Joe Biden, his gang of idiots and their gaggle appeared shocked that a Chinese surveillance satellite had been seen over Montana. They also seemed completely without a plan. They did this despite knowing for several days that the Chinese surveillance balloon was in US airspace. Some reporting even said that it had been known for weeks.

How did it get public attention? Biden allowed the spy gadget to travel across the entire country, before finally taking it out. Literally the plan was, we’re just gonna let it float around for a few days.

We now have the lie. When the news of the spy balloon dropped, The State Department told us Secretary Anthony Blinken was cancelling his planned trip to China because of China’s “irresponsible act.”We found out that the White House knew about the balloon for several days shortly after. So this wasn’t some slap in the face of China for daring to violate U.S. airspace, as it was presented. Anthony Blinken understood this perfectly “irresponsible act”Because of this, the balloon had been discovered and the man was now packing his pajamas to Beijing. It wasn’t until the public learned about the balloon.

Joe Biden went into hiding as usual at that point. As the media swarmed like vultures around the story and calls to shoot the balloon down intensified the president had little to say and wasn’t taking many questions. Biden was back in the basement, this time again, when he needed to assure the nation that someone, anyone, knew the truth about what was happening and how to fix it.

We finally get Joe Biden’s overthrow. It was revealed that the president wanted to kill it on Wednesday but his military advisors advised him otherwise. Just like when he announced that the United States would go to war to defend Taiwan and his advisors overruled him, saying the policy hadn’t changed, just like every time he tells us his handlers will “get mad at me”He may be asked the wrong questions. Joe Biden has ever made a decision for himself?

These four elements — incompetence, lying, hiding, and being overruled — are the four corners of the Biden administration. These four elements are used over and again by the Biden administration.

Take a look at this scandal with classified documents.

He was able to track top secrets around like a piece of toilet paper on his shoes. Joe told us that it was only a few items, but he knew all about the Delaware documents. The hiding is the absurd claim that the White House can’t talk about this because of the investigation, a claim denied by the Department of Justice. Finally, the president saying he doesn’t know what’s in the documents because, “his lawyers had advised him not to even ask what was in the files,”It is an example of Joe Biden being outruled.

This four-part approach can be used for almost every Biden mishap. And there is a good reason they do it over and over and over again — because they know that even when they’re caught in a lie, the media will make excuses for them. Nothing will change until that happens. As long as the Obama administration continues to gaslight the American people, they will not stop trying to make Grandpa Joe go over 2024’s finish line.

Whatever foul leviathan is actually running American policy out of the White House, because by his own admission it’s not Joe Biden, is absolutely ruthless. They will lie forever, safe in the knowledge that our news giants will protect them, usually by finding some way to make the story Trump’s fault.

We have another two years to go. The good news is nothing this administration has done in the first two suggests they can correct their course and restore America’s faith in Biden. There are those who say Biden’s is the worst presidency, but maybe it’s not a presidency at all, maybe instead, it is a playbook of lies meant to capture as much power as possible while the old man dithers.

David Marcus, a West Virginia-based columnist is also an author. “Charade: The Covid Lies That Crushed A Nation.”Follow Blueboxdave @Twitter 

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