Biden Calls For Crackdown On Senior Financial institution Executives

The White Home requested lawmakers on Friday to extend penalties for senior financial institution executives who preside over the collapse of their companies.

Silicon Valley Financial institution, one of many largest monetary establishments in the USA, collapsed final week as depositors rushed to withdraw their funds after the corporate suffered heavy losses from the liquidation of a long-term bond portfolio. The Federal Deposit Insurance coverage Company now directs holdings maintained by Silicon Valley Financial institution, which California state regulators closed on March 10, in addition to Signature Financial institution in New York, which was closed on Sunday.

The Biden administration asserted that members of Congress ought to enhance federal authority to “hold senior management accountable when their banks fail” or enter into the management of the FDIC. White Home officers mentioned that the government-backed company ought to have further powers to grab government compensation and advantages, noting that former Silicon Valley Financial institution CEO Greg Becker offered greater than $3 million in shares days earlier than the financial institution collapsed.

“The FDIC only has clawback authority under the Dodd-Frank Act’s special resolution authority, which applies to the very largest financial institutions,” an announcement from the White Home mentioned. “That authority should be extended to cover a broader set of large banks, including banks the size of Silicon Valley Bank and Signature Bank.”

Present regulation permits the FDIC to ban financial institution executives from receiving new positions at different banks in the event that they have interaction in “willful or continuing disregard for the safety and soundness” of their establishment. Senior administration officers referred to as on lawmakers to “strengthen this tool by lowering the legal standard for imposing this prohibition,” in addition to broaden authorization for the FDIC to gather fines from executives “when their actions contribute to the failure of their firms.”

President Joe Biden vowed after the collapse of Silicon Valley Financial institution and Signature Financial institution that “the American people and American businesses can have confidence that their bank deposits will be there when they need them.” Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen however mentioned on Thursday that monetary authorities would solely shield uninsured deposits at banks whose failure would “create systemic risk and significant financial and economic consequences.” Sen. James Lankford (R-OK) had pressed Yellen about whether or not uninsured deposits at neighborhood banks in his state “regardless of their size” can be “fully insured.”

The present threshold of $250,000 is appropriate for most people, but companies akin to these served by Silicon Valley Financial institution usually retain bigger sums to conduct operations and pay workers. Lawmakers akin to Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) and Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) have urged that Congress ought to rethink the $250,000 threshold.

Warren additionally launched laws that might repeal parts of the Financial Progress, Regulatory Aid, and Client Safety Act, which was signed by former President Donald Trump to minimize oversight for banks between $50 billion and $250 billion in property.


“The FDIC was forced to rush in to take over two failing banks, Silicon Valley Bank and Signature Bank, and then take extraordinary actions to protect those banks’ customers and prevent the contagion from spreading throughout the economy,” she commented. “If Congress and the Federal Reserve had not rolled back key provisions of Dodd-Frank, these banks would have been subject to stronger liquidity and capital requirements to help withstand financial shocks.”

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