Ben Shapiro shares the truth about AI Chatbots

It’s not the machines we have to fear, it’s the humans who are programming them with woke algorithms, Ben Shapiro warned his listeners Tuesday.

A best-selling author who is also the host of the podcast. “The Ben Shapiro Show”ChatGPT, along with other machine-learning tools, continue to show that artificial intelligence is somewhere left of AOC in various experiments. ChatGPT claimed it was illegal to speak racial slurs, even though no one could hear them. This was revealed in an viral experiment. It was also the only way for millions to be spared from nuclear death.

“So what does this mean?”Shapiro was a muse. “It means that someone in the back room programmed ChatGPT to say that the absolute highest value in the hierarchy of values is you must never use a racial slur. There are no other higher values.”

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Programmers decide what is right and wrong and then filter it through. “objective”Shapiro explained that artificial intelligence can give the tool a strange sheen. He said that such a striking example is likely to highlight the many subtler ways artificial intelligence shades the information it sends its way.

ChatGPT’s subjectivity is very similar to what you see in other social media platforms. Shapiro noted that humans often blame machines in these cases when they are called out for their bias.

“You’ll see people at Facebook when they’re suppressing particular content, blame the algorithm,” Shapiro said. “You see the same thing over at YouTube. It’s the algorithm that’s devoting particular results. And at Twitter, before Elon Musk, it was the algorithm that had decided that only right-wing accounts would be banned, while left-wing accounts would be essentially broadcast far and wide.”

“It was all the algorithm,”He went on. “[But] there was, in fact, a Wizard of Oz who was sitting behind a curtain and who was tweaking that. And now, with the rise of chat AI, ChatGPT, and these very sophisticated AIs, we’re getting the same argument over again, and it’s used by powerful people in order to shield you from what they are doing.”

Although many fear that artificial intelligence may take human jobs, Shapiro says this isn’t the true danger.

“Human beings always find new jobs,”He said. “This has been the case up until now. Maybe this will be the end of it, but I doubt it.”

Shapiro pointed out that the true danger lies in what we believe to be objectively generated information by computers. However, this is not the case. It is actually claptrap with Leftist ideologies.

“We have delegated enormous power to AI and then we pretend that the machine is thinking for itself,”He said. “This is dangerous stuff.”

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