Dallas police arrest monkey thief

Police announced Friday that a 24-year-old man was arrested following a sighting near the Dallas Zoo’s animal exhibits.

Dallas police reported that DavionIrvin was detained Thursday. Jail records, which don’t list an attorney for him, indicate that he faces five charges of animal cruelty and that his bail was set at $25,000.

The exact reason behind the disparity in charges between the police and jail was not immediately known.

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The monkeys disappeared Monday after a cut in their enclosure was discovered. This was just the latest of many unusual events that have occurred at the Zoo over the last few weeks. Other enclosure fences were also cut and an escapee leopard was seen.

According to police, their investigation continues and further charges could be brought against them.

After getting a tip, police found the small monkeys — named Bella and Finn — the day after they were taken. The monkeys were found in a closet at a home that was vacant south of the Zoo.

An earlier photo and video were released by police from the Zoo of an individual they want to talk with about the missing monkeys. Police said Friday that Irvin was arrested after they got a tip that he’d been seen near the animal exhibits at The Dallas World Aquarium downtown.

Police said responding officers saw him getting onto the city’s light rail, and then spotted him a few blocks away. The officer took him to the police headquarters and interrogated him.

January 13th was a day of strange events at the zoo. On arrival workers discovered that Nova, a clouded leopard, had disappeared from her cage. The police stated that Nova was being held captive by a tool that had been used intentionally to cut her enclosure. As a result, the zoo was closed and Nova was later found near her habitat.

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Police said that zoo workers also discovered a gash similar to the one found in the enclosure for langur monkeys. However, no animals were able to escape or appear to have been hurt.

Pin was found dead by workers at the zoo on January 21. Gregg Hudson, the zoo’s president and CEO, called the death “very suspicious”And the vulture said, “a wound,”However, he declined to provide further information.

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