Zoo animals are able to beat the heat by using blood-flavored Ice

Rio de Janeiro’s brutal summer heat has reached 50 degrees Celsius (122 degrees Fahrenheit) on some recent days, sending locals to cool off in the ocean. There weren’t many options for residents of the city’s zoo, however, until a team of experts started offering them exotic frozen treats.

The flavors of ice given to the zoo’s carnivores aren’t found at your average summer hotspot: Chicken, minced meat and bovine blood. It was a big hit with the lion Simba (14 years old) and Poty (3 years).

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“This is a part of our well-being program. We have lots of activities to include something different in their routine,”Marina Moraes (a biologist at zoo) said this.

Visitors are treated to a unique sight: ice provides cooling relief for animals. They take their time with the ice and enjoy it. This was true for an Argentine family who visited the zoo in their first visit.

“It’s fantastic because there’s this terrible heat and above all it’s very humid. We sweat even though there’s no sun; it’s different from Argentina,” said lawyer Lorena López, who was with her husband and children. “I think it’s perfect for the animals to have their ice.”

Many children were fascinated by this activity and expressed their surprise at discovering the differences in the flavors.

“For the primates, we offer fruit ice creams, which are sweet and more colorful,”Moraes claimed. “The herbivores can taste kale, pumpkin and carrot.”

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