Ryan Gosling plays Ken in Margot Robbie’s First Character Photo.

June 15 (UPI) — Warner Bros. is teasing the new film Barbie.

On Wednesday, the studio posted a picture featuring Ryan Gosling in a promo photo.

Gosling is seen in the costume of Ken in the photograph. He has platinum blonde hair, and wears a vest made of open denim with matching jeans.

Ken is based on the doll from Mattel’s Barbie toy line.

Margot Robbie will portray Barbie. Warner Bros. released a photo in April of Barbie as an actress.

Greta Gerwig wrote Barbie and Noah Baumbach directed it. Kate McKinnon is also in the cast, as well as Issa Rai, Michael Cera and Will Ferrell. Simu Liu, Simu Mackey, America Ferrera and Simu Liu are all part of this production.

This film will be in cinemas on July 21st, 2023.

Robbie, Suicide Squad, The Wolf of Wall Street, I, Tonya and Suicide Squad are some of his most well-known roles. Gosling, on the other hand, is best known for appearing in The Notebook, La La Land, Blade Runner 2049 and Blade Runner 2049.

Gosling also stars in The Gray Man, a Netflix action movie that premieres July 15.

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