PHOTO: Auction Record for ‘Back to the Future” VHS Sealed Tape

Original 1986 sealed VHS tape Back to the FutureThe VHS has been gaining popularity and sold for $75,000 in a recent auction.

CNN reports that the copy belonged to actor Tom Wilson who played Biff Tannen’s character in the film.

Back to the Future - Official Digital Remaster Trailer (2020)

After posting the tape to eBay, and receiving a lot of interest, he reached out to Heritage Auctions Dallas for it to be sold.

A social media posting from June 10 showed the auction house sharedA photo was taken of the tape. “First #VHS Event Sets Auction Record With $75,000 Sale of Actor Tom Wilson’s #BacktotheFuture”:

Heritage Auctions reported in a release that the tape was purchased by a New York-based collector for a substantial sum. “That’s the highest price ever paid at auction for a sealed, graded VHS tape.”

Continue the release:

This blockbuster sale attracted 598 buyers from all over the globe. It featured 260 VHS tapes and was sold out. The total amount of $584,750 raised by this auction. And many of Thursday’s collectors were eager to pick up Wilson’s astonishing assemblage, which also included sealed, graded copies of Back to the Future IIThe company made $16,250. Back to the Future III($13,750), both of which are accompanied by signed notes from late MCA executive VP and Universal Pictures chairman Tom Pollock to Wilson, and 1990’s Back to the FutureThe Trilogy boxed collection sold for 10,000

Wilson donned gloves in a May 27 video and shared his VHS collection with viewers.

“The urge to open this, open the shrink wrap, to me was nearly unbearable. Because not only does it include Back to the Future one and two and three mint, but also the documentary, Secrets of the Back to the Future Trilogy, hosted by that film legend and lovable scamp, Kirk Cameron,”He said that:

According to the CNN report, videotapes were becoming more popular as collector’s items, however, “We had no idea what was going to happen — no one’s done this before and to see the success, it’s amazing,”Joe Maddalena is the executive vice president at Heritage Auctions.

“When you see that, it’s a great sense of accomplishment, not even the financial aspect of it but just a moment of ‘I knew it! I knew nostalgic VHS tapes would be good,’”He concluded.

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