Drew Barrymore Mocked for Kneeling Earlier than Transgender TikTok Star Dylan Mulvaney: I’m Doing Trans Activism By means of Comedy

Actress-turned-talk-show-host Drew Barrymore heaped a whirlwind of mockery on Tuesday when she kneeled to Dylan Mulvaney, a person dwelling as a girl, whereas encouraging him to change into a transgender activist.

The incident got here as the previous E.T. star took to her knees as the 2 mentioned transgender activism.

“Watching your journey and being such a huge fan of yours, I think there is a way to be taught and educated to be open minds and there are those who can and I think you have that gift. I really do,” mentioned Barrymore.

Mulvaney cited his need to evangelise about transgenderism via comedy.

“I’m a musical theater major,” responded Mulvaney. “Activism scares the heck out of me, especially when you come out as trans, there is this automatic girl scout patch that gets put on you. I think my way in is through comedy.”

Mulvaney then plugged his “old Hollywood-style Broadway show” on the legendary Rainbow Room that may function cabaret.

Dylan Mulvaney at BirdyFest and the screening of “Catherine Called Birdy,” held at The Grove Rooftop on October 7, 2022 in Los Angeles, California. (Birdie Thompson/Selection by way of Getty Pictures)

“I can’t wait to watch it and I can’t wait to continue to watch your journey and it is such a pleasure to finally make your acquaintance and I hope it can turn into an ongoing thing,” mentioned Barrymore as the 2 excitedly hugged like two schoolgirls at a slumber occasion.

When requested to provide recommendation to others on navigate their identification, Mulvaney suggested individuals to carry on to the very best “parts” of themselves.

“If I was able to hold onto those, even earlier, the possibilities are limitless, so try to hold onto those things,” mentioned Mulvaney.

Mulvaney then recalled a narrative of assembly a lady “in line for women’s restroom” who mentioned how she and her mom would watch his movies at evening as a “routine” to study extra about transgender points.

“Her mom started crying,” mentioned Mulvaney. “I think trans and queer youth are some of the strongest humans alive. The fact that are pushing through to be themselves, but I think the parents are just as important, so I got to thank that mom just for supporting their child and loving their child.”

Numerous web personalities and social commentators mocked the interview, with some saying it disrespects the very idea of womanhood on condition that Drew Barrymore went to her knees for a person.

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