Billy Joel’s ‘Uptown Girl’ helps misplaced cockatiel discover its manner dwelling

The “Piano Man” performed an uncommon function within the resuce of a pet hen in South Carolina.

Final month Christine Iturrino was loading groceries into her Myrtle Seaside dwelling when Joel, the pet cockatiel she had adopted from a hen rescue group 18 months in the past, flew out of the door.

“In a panic, I tried to grab him, which you’re not supposed to do with birds,” Iturrino, 58, informed the Washington Publish. “That freaked him out and he flew away toward the ocean, screaming all the way. I was heartsick.”

Iturrino, a bus driver, stated her flying pal favored to take heed to Eighties pop music and had free rein in her dwelling, solely staying in his cage at evening.

In a Fb publish in regards to the lacking hen, she wrote that he notably favored “Uptown Girl” by Billy Joel, which, she assumes impressed his identify.

After Joel received unfastened, a devastated Iturrino printed up “Parrot Alert” fliers providing a reward and tacked them up throughout her neighborhood.

Iturrino put up lacking hen notices up round her neighborhood.

“He’s very people friendly, so I had a lot of hope. But I was still pretty upset, especially as more time passed. I began to worry I’d never see him again,” she stated.

However after “the longest time” — or 9 days later to be actual –Iturrino obtained a textual content whereas at work.

“I work at the beach — I think we found your bird,” it stated.

The message was from an worker of Sky Wheel Myrtle Seaside, 200-foot Ferris wheel with 42 enclosed gondolas.

The worker, Theresa Glazer, despatched an image of Joel perched on her shoulder contained in the SkyWheel ticket sales space.

A cockatiel named Joel in his cage.
“Uptown Girl” fan, Joel in his cage.

Throughout a morning security examine on the wheel, worker, Gavin Scire, who’s also known as Spider Man for his climbing prowess, was about 100 ft up on a ladder when he heard chirping.

He seemed over and noticed Joel hopping on one of many bars.

The hen, who was too afraid to fly to the bottom, made its approach to Scire, who then nestled him in his hoodie.

The cockatiel wouldn’t go right into a pet service however discovered consolation on Glazer’s shoulder. When Glazer informed her mom in regards to the hen, her mom talked about the story to a neighbor.

Singer Songwriter Billy Joel seems to have at the very least two cockatiels in his large fan

“The neighbor had seen the ‘missing bird’ notices about Joel and remembered the fact that he liked Billy Joel music,” stated the park’s advertising and marketing supervisor, Sean Bailey. “Theresa was then able to get Christine’s phone number from the notice and text her.”

They noticed the publish about his affinity for Billy Joel, they began taking part in some Piano Man tunes to see if it was certainly Joel.

“When he started bobbing his head up and down, that’s when everyone knew this was definitely Christine’s bird,” Bailey stated.

Joel isn’t the one cockatiel to like “Uptown Girl.”

9 months in the past, a Reddit person posted an lovely video of their pet Moe whistling alongside to Billy Joel’s 1983 hit.

As for Joel, he was reunited together with his distraught proprietor.

Christine Iturrino together with her pet cockatiel Joel.

“He squawked at me, then flew over to my shoulder. I kept telling him how much I’d missed him, and what a brave boy he was. It really was a series of miracles that brought him home,” stated Iturrino who took her feathered companion to the vet

The hen was pronounced wholesome, save for having misplaced a little bit of weight.

“I’m so happy to have him back — Joel is such a big part of my life,” Iturrino stated. “I realized that every day while he was gone.”

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