Ron DeSantis leaves the national GOP

Ronna Romney McDaniel, currently the Republican National Committee chairwoman is up for another term.

This race has been mostly ignored by the national GOP.

Former President Donald Trump endorsed the establishment favorite McDaniel in a previous cycle, immediately after his victory in 2016’s presidential race. Trump is refusing to endorse McDaniel this time.

Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell likewise has resisted comments on the race. “I think they’ll be able to figure that out themselves,”McConnell claimed, in a Monday report. Politico.

However, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis is a candidate for President and refused silence. DeSantis slammed McDaniel in a recent interview… and he backed an alternative.

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In an interview with Florida’s voice, DeSantis cited three “substandard election cycles in a row” under McDaniel’s leadership.

DeSantis spoke highly of Harmeet Dhillon Trump attorney.

Dhillon has waged an aggressive challenge against McDaniel that featured allegations of chronic misspending, mismanagement and even religious bigotry against Dhillon’s Sikh faith — all claims that McDaniel has denied. McDaniel is a niece to Utah Sen. Mitt Romney. The case has been dominated by conservative frustration at repeated electoral losses.

“I like what Harmeet Dhillon has said about getting the RNC out of D.C.,” DeSantis said. “We need some fresh thinking.”

DeSantis also spoke about the RNC’s need for periodic changes in leadership, regardless of his opinion about the current incumbent. McDaniel would be the longest serving chair of the RNC since Abraham Lincoln’s time.

“I think we need a change,” DeSantis continued. “I think we need to get some new blood in the RNC.”

Trump has supported McDaniel secretly, even though he is not speaking out. To help McDaniel, he sent his lieutenants from Washington to California during the lead-up to the vote. The former president’s senior adviser Susie Wiles was among those Trump allies hosting private conversations with RNC members on Thursday.

The former president avoided making a public endorsement only at McDaniel’s request, according to those with direct knowledge of the situation. McDaniel’s team was confident she would win without his public backing, allowing her to maintain a sense of neutrality heading into the 2024 presidential primary season.

Reince PIREBUSH, former RNC Chair and Trump White House Chief of Staff, attended the Waldorf Astoria to support McDaniel.

“It appears as though Ronna’s in very good shape to get reelected,” Priebus said.

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The RNC’s next chair will guide the committee to the 2024 election.

The RNC controls much of the presidential nominating process — including the debates and voting calendar — while directing GOP fundraising efforts and the sprawling nationwide infrastructure designed to elect the next Republican president.

Its rules state that the RNC has to remain neutral during the presidential primaries. Trump is currently the only Republican candidate, although other highly-profile candidates are likely to be revealed in the next few months.

Dhillon was the president of a law firm that earned over $400,000 in representing Trump’s political organisations during the 2022 midterms. She promised she would quit her practice if she is elected. In California, Dhillon also pledged to be independent in the Republican primary of 2024 if she is elected.

MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell will appear on the ballot for RNC chair, but he’s running a longshot campaign.

The winner must secure a simple majority among the RNC’s 168 voting members. In Dana Point in California, the secret ballot voting will take place.

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