Rep. Miller: House Republicans Get Speaker Race ‘Massive Power over’ Senate Spending Bills

Rep. Mary Miller (R-IL) said during an appearance on SiriusXM’s Breitbart News SaturdayThe long drawn-out speaker race election was an a. “big victory”It united House Republicans in advance of the debt ceiling fight between the White House et the Democrat-controlled Senate.

“I can’t say enough what a big victory this was for the American people. The impact of it is going to be long. My goal always was to get concrete policy changes on spending and on our debt,” Miller said.

Miller, one of the roughly 20 members who initially voted against electing now-Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA), ultimately flipped her vote once she and most of the other holdouts had established with McCarthy an agreeable set of House rules, which included, among its many provisions, prohibiting net increases on mandatory government spending and requiring a higher voting threshold to pass any tax increases.

Republicans on the whole have said they will not vote to increase the nation’s $31.4 trillion debt limit this year without seeing substantial spending cuts or structural spending changes.


“On Christmas Eve, the Senate sent over that $1.7 trillion omnibus that is gonna bring our national debt up to $31 trillion. Biden spent over $5 trillion in two years, and people are suffering,” Miller said. “This is what the inflation is from. It’s from government spending and creating all this money, but our bill is going to put hard spending caps at the fiscal year ’22 level, and it’s going to give us an ability to block omnis from the Senate like what we had. I mean, it’s giving us massive power over what the Senate sends over.”

Janet Yellen, Treasury Secretary has suggested that the U.S. might experience a devastating default during June if Congress doesn’t vote to increase or suspend its debt ceiling. In return, the Biden administration stated it won’t negotiate with Congress for higher borrowing limits.

“I can tell you that the 20 of us, or 19 of us, are back together hashing out where we can cut, and we’re talking discretionary spending, not Social Security or Medicare benefits, but discretionary spending,” Miller said. “The American people are tired of the government sending money to other countries, wasting our money, $100 billion to Ukraine. I mean, this is the kind of spending cuts that we can make and make a difference.”

Miller said that Miller also mentioned the sentiment of the GOP conference regarding the speaker race, which she stated included “the RINOs that are practically Democrats,” “the centrists,”and has appeared to be a hardline conservative House Freedom Caucus member, such as herself. “more positive”Entering the battle for debt limit.

Sie said: “Actually, the whole conference seems different, seems more positive, more united, and more excited about doing things for the American people, starting with these spending cuts.”

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