Poll: 41% Say Personal Finances Deteriorating Under Joe Biden

Forty-one percent of American families say their financial position has worsened since President Joe Biden assumed office — the worst result in 37 years, according to a Sunday ABC News/Washington Post survey.

With nearly 40-year-high inflation crushing American families in 2022, 41 percent of Americans say their personal financial health has deteriorated since Biden assumed office in January 2021. Only 16% said they were financially healthy. “better off” under Biden.

Compared to that, only 13 percent claimed they had been financially worse off in the two years prior to Donald Trump’s election, and 25 percent reported they were. “better off.”

Sunday’s polling data revealed the worst result for the survey since 1986 when the phrase “better off”Reagan Administration made Reagan popular.

This poll included 1,003 adults between January 27th and February 1; there was a 3.5-point margin of error.

Biden’s messaging surrounding the economy has been unclear in recent days. Biden made a Sunday appearance. admitUnder his leadership, Americans were suffering.

“All told, between higher prices and lower wages, lack of competition between businesses costs the median American household $5,000 a year,”He tweet.

Biden made positive comments about the slow economy hours earlier, and claimed that wages are higher than lower.

“Wages are up, inflation is down, and more Americans have health insurance than ever before,” Biden said:

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