NYTimes: Mayorkas Transmits 100,000 Migrants through Parole Pathway

President Joe Biden’s border chief smuggled more than 100,000 economic migrants into the United States from May to December via a hidden “parole”The pathway was approved on January 12.

Border chief Alejandro Mayorkas — a Cuban-born, equity-above-the-law, business-friendly, pro-migration zealot — is welcoming another 20,000 migrants per month via this parole pathway, officials told friendly reporters at a background briefing on January 25.

Although Todd Bensman, the Center for Immigration Studies exposed the secret migration route in November, many establishment journalists who covered the subject were unable or unwilling to write about it.

The admissions and data came as GOP officials in 20 states filed a lawsuit against the hidden inflow. According to the lawsuit, this inflow illicitly adds costs to states and taxpayers. It also adds to the pocketbook damage done to ordinary Americans by Washington’s policy of importing more of the workers, renters, and consumers that spike values on Wall Street.

The New York Times was given an official briefing on the parole pathway. The pathway has been given a legal-sounding, jargon-style name — “CBP One” — to hide its purpose, scale, and impact:

[Before January 12]CBP One was available only to those migrants recommended by a [government-approved]Nonprofit organization that applied for them. Between May and December, over 109,000 migrants arrived in the United States through this process.

Those parole pathway migrants were not included in the 1.3 million illegal migrants that were welcomed by Mayorkas’ agency during fiscal year 2022.

According to the, officials are using the parole pathway now to immigrate 20,000 migrants per month. New York TimeThis is despite the fact that illegal immigrants were banned from being hired by companies in 1986.

Recent announcements by officials indicated that the parole system will be used to permit additional 360,000 immigrants per year from Haiti.

Together, the two inflows — 240,000 and 350,000 — would add at least 600,000 extra economic migrants per year to the U.S. economy.

The huge labor inflow represents roughly one additional immigrant to every seven Americans that enter the workforce each day.

Congress established laws in 1990 that limit legal immigration to approximately 1 million per year. The Administration also annually imports approximately 800,000. The plan to add 600,000.00 migrants each year is far beyond the Congress-set limit.

Mayorkas allowed 2,000,000 illegal immigrants through the border in 2022. This includes 600,000. “gotaways”People who are not convicted of felonies will not be sent home.

Alejandro Mayorkas is the Homeland Security Secretary and speaks in Washington at a press conference. He spoke about new measures being taken to enforce border controls, limit illegal immigration, increase legal immigration, as well as improve border security. (AP Photo/Susan Walsh)

That elite-delivered 2022 flood of about 4 million migrants forced down Americans’ wages and reduced high-tech investment in workplaces. It pushed many older, sicker, and slower Americans out of jobs, wages, and eventually, homes, while spiking investors’ profits and stock values.

“Young and middle-aged American men are less likely to be working now than at any time in U.S. history,” says a January 2023 study authored by Jonathan Rothwell. “The official labor force participation rate for prime-aged men fell from 97.1% in 1960 to 88.6% in 2022 (averaged through November), using data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ Current Population Survey,”Rothwell, Gallup’s leading economist, said so.

The problem is that New York Times does not include any criticism of Mayorkas’s labor-smuggling operation. The headline and subheadline instead portray the large inflow of illegal migrants as an apparent decrease in their numbers.

Biden officials credit new border measures for reducing illegal crossings

However, the number of migrants crossing from Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela has fallen, while Republicans and some Democrats are scathing about new policies.

Pro-migration journalists are included in the newspaper. The article includes pro-migration supporters who claim that the hidden labor route is too small.

Immigration advocates working with migrants in Mexico and the United States say the system leaves the neediest migrants — the ones who do not have smartphones or cannot afford to stay in Mexican hotels with internet access — at a disadvantage.

“CBP One, is turning out to be as awful as we predicted,”Al Otro Lado of advocacy wrote that a Twitter post on Tuesday. Resourceful migrants with devices like smartphones and Wi Fi “are the ones getting appointments, not the most vulnerable.”

Al Otro Lado has worked with the FWD.us advocacy group for West Coast billionaires. Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook’s founder, created the fund. Along with many wealthy investors, this fund benefits from inflows of compliant workers and high-occupancy renters as well as cheap labor.

YUMA, ARIZONA – DECEMBER 30: A U.S. Border Patrol agent checks for identification of immigrants as they wait to be processed by the U.S. Border Patrol after crossing the border from Mexico on December 30, 2022 in Yuma, Arizona. Photo by QianWeizhong/VCG via Getty Images

Mayorkas is not asked by the establishment media about his pocketbook impacts on average Americans because of his ease-migration policies.

It is comparable to the traditional GOP establishment approach which places more emphasis on border chaos, drug smuggling, and not the rise in rents or shrinking wages that elites impose on average Americans.

Mayorkas was asked by a White House reporter on January 8. “What is your message to the American public about the impact of a labor shortage in America?”

Mayorkas responded by calling for an even greater skew of the nation’s labor market in favor of employers and investors:

America’s labor crisis is a powerful reminder of just how urgently we must fix the broken immigration system.  You know, we look to the north … Canada realized that it has a 1-million-person labor shortage there, and they are bringing in approximately 1.4 million migrants this year to address that labor shortage.

Our programs — our H-2A, our H-2B, our skilled worker programs — are far outdated to really meet the economic needs as well as the economic opportunities [for migrants]The benefits of immigration are endless.

Since long, the federal government has operated an Extraction Migration economic policy.

This policy is colonialism-like extracts vast amounts of human resources from Not enough countries and uses the imported workers, renters, and consumers to grow Wall Street and the economy. In December 2022, for example, Mayorkas added roughly one low-wage, work-ready Latino or Asian migrant for every American who turned 18 that month.

Migrants have successfully infected the country. forced down Americans’ wages also boosted rents and Housing prices. The inflow has also pushed many native-born Americans out of careers in a wide variety of business sectors and contributedThe rising death rate Of poor Americans.

Population inflow reduces the political Clout of native-born Americans, because it allows elites — including New York Times editors and writers — to divorce themselves from The needs  Interests ordinary Americans.

According to the poll, 54% of Americans believe that Biden allows a south border invasion. An August 2022 Poll The left-of center National Public Radio (NPR) commissioned this report. The 54% “Invasion”Majority included 76 per cent of Republicans and 46 percent for independents. Even 40 percent were Democrats.

The 20-state lawsuit against the White House’s invented parole pipeline says:

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