Elon Musk wants brands to pay the freight on Twitter by charging a $1,000 monthly fee

Tesla CEO Elon Tesla and Twitter’s new owner recently stated plans to charge $1,000 per month for verified checkmarks to businesses. Twitter Blue for Business will charge brands that use Twitter to interact with customers to turn around Musk’s investment woes.

VarietyTwitter Blue for Business is a brand-new service for business that allows brands and businesses to validate their accounts on social media. To keep the company’s gold checkmark verification badge, organizations will be charged a $1,000 monthly fee and $50 per sub-account. As an alternative to the blue checkmark, the gold checkmark can be used as verification symbol by organizations, the people associated with them, their brands and fictional characters.

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Twitter’s CEO, Elon Musk, announced the new gold checkmark price as part of his plan to raise subscription revenue and repay debt after his $44 million acquisition. The platform will eventually stop showing the legacy verifiable checkmarks. Only paying business and individual users will be validated.

Twitter Blue, which features a blue checkmark and is available to individuals, costs $8 per month when purchased online and $11 per month when purchased through Apple’s iOS. The company introduced new security features to the service in order not to create confusion as it did when Musk ordered Twitter Blue’s redesign.

Musk also revealed that Twitter Blue subscribers will start sharing revenue from creators starting February 3. “ads that appear in their reply threads”However, he did not mention the details about how the program will work or how much the users could expect to be paid.

With Musk’s chaotic takeover in late October, Twitter is attempting to regain the trust of advertisers who have stopped running ads on the platform. In an effort to win back advertisers’ trust, the company recently announced partnerships with two brand-safety analytics vendors to provide new tools that guarantee tweets about advertisements aren’t offensive.

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